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Company: Shenyang Joinunion Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd.
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Date/Time:  7/26/19 7:45 GMT

Phosphors for Lamp, LED, PDP, CRT, Safety Printing Ink, etc.

Code No. Chemical name/Chemical Formula Emission color Emission peak 
Phosphors for daylight fluorescent lamps
Calcium halo phosphate phosphors
Phospho , rs for colored lamps, high pressure mercury lamps, printing and etc.
JUP-1110 CaWO4: [W] ---Blue--- 417nm 
JUP-1112 CaWO4:Pb---Blue--- 440nm 
JUP-1103 Sr5Cl(PO4)3: Eu---Blue--- 447nm 
JUP-1105 (Ca,Sr,Ba)3(PO4)2Cl2:Eu---Blue--- 452nm 
JUP-1150 3Sr3(PO4)2,SrF2:Sb,Mn---Blue--- 502nm 
JUP-1200 Zn2SiO4:Mn---Green ---525nm 
JUP-1310 Y(PV)O4:Eu---Orange red--- 619nm 
JUP-1320 (ZnSr)3(PO4)2:Mn---Orange red--- 625nm 
JUP-1325 Y2O2S:Eu ---red---626nm 
JUP-1330 (Sr,Mg)3(PO4)2:Sn--- Orange red--- 630nm 
JUP-1350 3.5MgO,0.5MgF2,GeO2:Mn---Red--- 655nm 
JUP-1360 Mg5As2O11: Mn--- Red--- 660nm 
JUP-1400 Ca3(PO4)2,CaF2:Ce,Mn---Yellow ---568nm 

Tri-phosphors (triband) for saving energy lamps, CFL( compact fluorescent
lamps), colored lamp, tri-phosphor component, printing and etc. 
JUP-1103 Sr5Cl(PO4)3:Eu---Blue---447nm 
JUP-1105 (Ca,Sr,Ba)3(PO4)2Cl2:Eu---Blue--- 452nm 
JUP-1107 BaMg2Al16O27:Eu---Blue--- 450nm 
JUP-1108 BaMg2Al16O27:Eu,Mn---Blue--- 450/515nm 
JUP-1210 (Ce,Tb)MgAl11O19:Ce,Tb---Green ---543nm 
JUP-1340 Y2O3: Eu---Red--- 611nm 

Code/ Composition/ Emission(nm)/color Color/ Temperature 
JUP-1092 /Triband blend /Warm White/ 2700K 
JUP-1093 /Triband blend /White /3500K 
JUP-1094 /Triband blend /Cool White /4000K 
JUP-1096 /Triband blend /Daylight/ 6400-6500K 

Phosphors for ultraviolet ray lamps (UV lamps) 
JUP-1810 SrAl2O7:Pb---UV--- 313nm 
JUP-1820 BaSi2O5:Pb---UV--- 355nm 
JUP-1830 SrFB2O3.5: Eu--- UV ---366nm 
JUP-1840 SrB4O7:Eu ---UV--- 368nm
Up-conversion phosphor (Anti-Stokes' luminescence) for various kinds of
printing application, and will not have any worse effect while mixing with any
types of inks. It's can be added in plastic, paper, cloth, ceramic, glass and
solution etc.
Code Excitation peak Emission color Emission peak
JUP-AS110 980nm Blue 450nm
JUP-AS120 980nm Green 520nm
JUP-AS130 980nm Red 610nm
Organic fluorescent materials
Use: Stamp ink, printing ink, coating, printing and dyeing 
Code Appearance  Emission peak(nm)/color  Excitation peak(nm)
JUP-2110 white powder 460±5/blue 365
JUP-2210 light yellow powder 510±5/green 365
JUP-2220 white powder 510±5/green 315
JUP-2310 light pink powder 610±5/red 365
JUP-2410 light yellow powder 525±5/yellow 365

Minimum Order: 1 kilograms

Phosphors for Lamp, LED, PDP, CRT, Safety Printing Ink, etc.
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