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Contact: Jingke
Company: Jingke Plastic Netting Factory
High Grade Industry Park,Anping, Hebei,China.
anping 053000
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Date/Time:  12/3/19 7:33 GMT

Plastic Bird Netting

Bird netting is cost effective solution to protect fruits and vegetables from
birds. We offer quality knotted polyethylene anti-bird nets. The flexible
plastic bird netting can easily be fixed on frames, trees, bushes.

We offer a variety of weight, meshes, colors, processing. Our bird netting can
be used to control birds:
Small birds, swallows and sparrows, seagulls, pigeons, etc.

Feature: Durable, cost effective, light weight, flame retardant, water proof,
good flexibility, high tensile strength, aging resistance, anti-erosion, UV
Stabilized for a long service life of min. 5 years, easily cleaned, easily
trimmed to size, easy to install.

Opening Types
We offer bird control nets with three major hole types:
Square, diamond, hexagonal

Mesh Sizes
3/4" mesh bird netting is a small hole net fabric applied to control almost all
birds (most popular size)
1-1/8" mesh bird netting is a medium hole net fabric applied to control larger
2" mesh netting is a big hole net fabric applied to control pigeons and
Popular anti bird netting fabric sizes:
25’x 25’,25’x50’,25’x75’,50’x 50’,50’x 100’and 100’x 100’

Covering nets: To stop birds and other small animals from destroying trees,
flowers, fruits, vegetables and newly sown seeds

Aviary netting: To stop birds from entering certain areas or buildings
(offices, warehouses, churches), where the inevitable bird mess can become a
health risk.
Crop protection netting: To protect harvest on farms
To keep birds out of certain open areas ( water, ponds, etc.)
For gardens and trees protection: Tree top covers


Raw Material: High Density Polyethylene
Color: Black
Mesh Size: 50mm
Twine Diameter: 0.9mm
Twine Designation: 12/6 twine
Twine Twists/m: 180
Twine Weight: 0.44 to 0.45 g/m
Twine Load @ Peak: 15.8 Kgf
Net Load @ Peak 17.1 Kgf
Type of Knot: Single Knot
Weight/m2: 21 to 25g
Knotted Breaking Strength: 23.58 Kg per strand
Softening Point: 120℃
Melting Point: 130℃
UV Protection: Maximum UV inhibitor (CIBA 783, 6‰)

Popular Sizes Exported to Saudi Arabia

Anti bird Netting, for Bird Control Projects in
Material HDPE.
Expected life 10 years
Knotted nets
Strength (50 – 75) lbs, ( 6 – 12) strands.
Features: Anti flame, abrasion, UV and rot.
Color black
Mesh 2”X2” or 50X50 mm

Popular Sizes Exported to Australia

16 mm Hexagonal Anti bird Netting, to Australia

Plastic bird netting as follows:
Hole - 16mm with Hexagonal shape.
Weight- 39 gms/
Colour- Black with centre line of different colour.
Width of roll- 13.5 metres
Length of roll- 186 metres.

Knotted Bird Net (19 mm Mesh and 50 mm Mesh), to Sydney, Australia

Knotted polyethylene bird netting in the following sizes:
19mm mesh x 20 metre x 20 metre
19mm mesh x 20 metre x 10 metre
19mm mesh x 10 metre x 10 metre
50mm mesh x 20 metre x 20 metre
50mm mesh x 20 metre x 20 metre.
Plastic Bird Netting
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