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Date/Time:  10/4/18 11:50 GMT

Poverty Reduction Project,Minimum Taxation

The strength of Kenya’s economic chain is limited to it’s weakest link, the poorest.50 million Kenyans have per capita income of $1,600.(US$1=KSh 100 ,€1=Sh109;£1=130;apx).Different economic players all have different goals none that specifically target ALL Kenyans as per the amount of money availed. Govt spends Sh3 trn (2018/19 buget),with 52% revenue paying only 650,000 employees,at Sh56,950 pm average."If you had Sh161,472 in a year what would you do with it?”we’ll ask all Kenyans.Every amount above Sh13,456 pm is subjected to income taxes.Only 3.5 million Kenyans pay income tax,earning Sh450 bn to govt. Money is spent as per influence,not need.The further beneath this minimum tax-free level, the greater an amount means to a person. Besides, while we normally have “democratic elections” in five year intervals, these exclude half of population,those below majority age and are not continuous.We create wealth by redistributing existing opportunities amongst ALL Kenyans EQUALLY and PROPORTIONATELY in perpetuity:rich or poor. We create a level playing field on ALL Kenyans as per amount of money used by leveraging needs on equivalent value from existing stocks on Nairobi Securities Exchange,(Mkt Cap:Sh2.82 trillion)with THIS as the CONSTANT, with all OTHER FACTORS being the VARIABLES.Few Kenyans own stocks on NSE, wealth is concentrated on fewer. Kenya’s minimum tax-free amount is Sh161,472 pa, but nobody ensures ALL Kenyans share that economic pie at least fairly. We leverage equivalent value of shares to individual’s needs, creating economic order from existing economic chaos. We create system that in EVERY DAY goes towards remedying this glaring economic landscape, perpetually, since taxes have failed to do so,and perpetuates imbalances. We utilize the minimum amount for economic traction on Kenyans of Sh1 each ,or Sh50millon ( $500,000).By holding, say $1 million on behalf of citizens, we cause production of what is needed and need of what is produced seamlessly. By leveraging it,we can theoretically create over 200 times our initial ownership, but we will open up hitherto undeveloped opportunities.Safaricom shares at Sh 30,(40 billion shares): if we held Sh 90 mn in exchange of a given task by people,it is more likely to be done by majority. At the end of investment period, only chaos will be reduced!I have commitments,welcome more Details at: njugunaUNDERSCOREjustusATyahooDOTcom.

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