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Professional Customized Beryllia /Beryllium Oxide/BeO Ceramic Substrate

Beo Ceramic Substrate/Plate Plating With Mo/Mn

1. High Temperature

2. Good Chemical Inertness

3. Excellent Insulation

4. Low Thermal Expansion

5. Corrosion Resistance

BeO has high thermal conductivity, high melting point (2530 ± 10° C), high
strength, high insulation, high chemical and thermal stability, low dielectric
constant, low dielectric loss and good adaptability properties, etc. widely used
in special metallurgy, vacuum electronics, nuclear technology, microelectronics
and optoelectronics. Especially in high-power semiconductor devices, integrated
circuits, package microwave vacuum devices and nuclear reactors, BeO is a
mainstream ceramic material for the preparation of high thermal conductivity
components. The thermal conductivity of BeO ceramics in insulating materials is
second only to of diamonds, and the theoretical value of thermal conductivity is
as high as 325 W/(m•K),
which is the highest among all practical ceramic materials at present and is
higher than that of AlN 180 W/(m•K). The theoretical value of thermal conductivity
is as high as 60~80%, which is a magnitude higher than that of Al2O3 ceramics.

High thermal conductivity and low dielectric constant are the real reasons that
BeO materials were widely used in electronic technologies, BeO ceramic is
currently used in high-performance, high-power microwave packages, BeO substrates
have also been used for high circuit density multi-chip components,
Use BeO material to dissipate the heat generated in the system in time to ensure
the system stability and reliability. Metallized thick film lithographic
substrates on BeO substrates well suited for high-reliability high-density
microwave circuits. These substrates can be Working under
conditions above 44 GHz for Tel-communications, live broadcasts, Satellite
communication modules, mobile phones, personal communication services, base
stations, advanced avionics, and Global Positioning System (GPS).
Size can be and space scales as small as 0.001 inches, and routinely mounted in 4
x 4 Inches on the substrate.
SiC reinforced aluminium metal matrix composites combined with DBC- BeO substrate
has been successfully used for high current IGBT (insulated gate bipolar
transistor).The design of the module substrate. Al/ SiC material combines high
heat dissipative, low aluminium alloy density and low coefficient of thermal
expansion, and BeO substrate is matched so that the thermal stress at the joint is
reduced. BeO ceramics are also widely used in broadband internet and high-power
electric vacuum devices such as transmission windows, clamping bars and buck
collectors of travelling-wave tubes. Low dielectric constants and losses
facilitate good broadband matching and reduce power loss. The high thermal
conductivity allows the heat generated in high power devices to be conducted in a
timely manner to ensure the stability and reliability
of the device. Compared with Al2O3 windows, BeO ceramics can withstand much larger
continuous wave output power. For example, The BeO window suffers no damage to the
output power of 263 kW, while the Al2O3 window breaks at an output power of 100

Minimum Order: 100 pieces

Professional Customized Beryllia /Beryllium Oxide/BeO Ceramic Substrate
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