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Remote Control Microwave Sensor

Remote Control Microwave Sensor
Microwave Motion Sensors AC Input
AC Input Microwave Motion Sensor - Detachable Version + Remote Controllable
5.8GHz C-band microwave motion sensor, tri-level dimming control.
Operating voltage: 120〜277V AC, 50/60Hz.
Rated load: 400W @ 120VAC, (capacitive)Features
• 5.8GHz C-band microwave motion sensor, tri-level dimming control.
• Operating voltage: 120〜277V AC, 50/60Hz.
• Rated load: 400W @ 120VAC, (capacitive)
• 800W @ 200〜277VAC, (capacitive)
• Stand-by power: <1w.
• Particularly designed for fixtures which with limited space, ideal for LED
panels, linear office lights with metal louvres, compact bulkheads, etc. Hide the
sensor body and configure the small detached antenna head only.

• Dual-PD technology, real Daylight monitoring function for built-in application.
• Zero-cross point operation, protect the sensor relay against the in-rush
current, secure the max. load and life time of the relay.
• DIP switch + IR Remote control 2 channels setting. Automatically override each
other upon the latest operation.
• RJ11 connection between the sensor body and antenna head, easy plug and play.
• Detection range up to 12m in diameter.
• Mounting height: 3~6m.
• Operation temperature: -20℃~ + 70℃
• IP rating: IP20.
Settings(DIP switch)
Detection range
Detection range can be reduced by selecting the combination on the DIP switches to
fit precisely each application.
Hold-time means the time period to keep the lamp on 100% after motion detected.
*when hold-time set as 3s, sensor enters into test mode, this test mode is mainly
for users to choose the desired detection range. In this mode, the daylight sensor
is disabled, when there is no motion, fixture keeps off, when there is motion
detected, fixture keeps a cycle of 3s on and 2s off.
Daylight sensor
Daylight sensor means the daylight threshold to enable or disable the sensor
"Disable": The sensor works always, even during daylight.
"50lux": The sensor works only in twilight.
"10lux, 2lux": The sensor works only in the dark.
Stand-by period
This is the time period that the lamp remains at a low light level before it is
completely switched off in the long absence of people.
"+∞": means bi-level dimming control, the fixture never switch off.
Stand-by dimming level
This is the dimmed low light level you would like to have after the hold-time in
the absence of people.
*0% means on/off control.
10%--Vdim=1.5Vdc  30%--Vdim=3.0Vdc  50%--Vdim=5.0VdcSettings(Remote control
Permanent ON/OFF function
Press "ON/OFF" button, fixture goes to permanent on or permanent off mode, sensor
is disabled.
*press "Auto", "Reset" or "Ambient learn" to quit this mode.
Dim +/-
Press "Dim" button to automatically dim up or down the light brightness during
hold-time from 10% to 100%. Another press to lock it down when desired brightness
is achieved.
*after desired brightness is locked down, if user wants to dim again reversely,
just press the wDimw button again and then lock down the new brightness again.
Sensor mode
Press "Auto" button, the sensor starts to work and all settings remain the same as
the latest status before the light was switched on/off.
Reset function
Press "Reset" button, all settings go back to the value of DIP switch settings.
Ambient learn
Press "Ambient learn" button, the latest surrounding lux value overwrites previous
lux value learned, and set as the daylight threshold. This feature enables the
fixture to function well in any real application circumstance.
Test mode
"Test mode" is for testing purpose only, for users to check the functionality and
choose the desired detection range. The sensor goes to test mode automatically
after pressing this button.
Users can quit this mode by pressing "ON/OFF", "Reset", or any button of "Hold
time" The sensor settings are changed accordingly. 
*Test mode defaulted settings—
         Daylight sensor=disable 
         Hold time=3s    
        Twilight time=N/A
        Twilight level=N/A
In this mode, after motion detected, sensor enters into a cycle of 3s on and 2s
off(0.5s soft off + 1.5s off).

Remote Control Microwave Sensor
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