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Date/Time:  8/20/19 6:25 GMT

Rockwell Allen Bradley 1756-IF8H ControlLogix

Product Specifications
Brand/Manufacturer Invensys
Part Number 3501T
Alternate Part Number
Description Digital Input Module
Dimensions 49x45.3x6.8cm
Weight 2.6 kg
Contact Us
e: w: +86 18030273592
s: live:sales 7_1232

Allen Bradly’s series
SLC500 1747 1746 series
CompactLogix PLC 1769 series
ControlLogix 1756 1794 1760 1788 series
PLC-5 1771 1785 series
MicroLogix PLC 1761 1763 1762 1766 1764 series
PanelView 2711, 2711P series
ProSoft MVI69 PS69 MVI56 MVI94 MVI71 MVI46 3150
ICS TRIPLEX T8431 T8461 T3401 T8310

Triconex is both the name of a Schneider Electric brand that supplies products,
systems and services for safety, critical control and turbomachinery applications
and the name of its hardware devices that utilize its TriStation application

Our Main Products
ABB Advant OCS,ABB MOD 30/MODCELL,ABB MOD 300,ABB Procontic, ABB Procontrol, AB
Rockwell CPU, Moore APACS, Moore Panel Controllers, Siemens Iskamatic, Schneider
PLC, Quantum, Quanten 140CPU, GE Fanuc 90/30, 90/70, Invensys Triconex, FOXBOROI/A
MOTOROLA MVME, MVME147, MVME162, MVME167, MVME177 and soon.

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Rockwell	Allen Bradley	1756-IF8H	ControlLogix
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