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rubber process oil

General description of high viscosity rubber process oil
Heavy / high aromatic process oil product is fully rich aromatic. High
viscosity furfural extract RPO product has good elastomeric compatibility
and low volatility heavy aromatic process oil well-known according to its
viscosity which meet ASTM standards and ISO 3104 (American society for
testing and materials) standard test method for kinematic viscosity of
transparent and opaque liquids.

General description of low viscosity rpo
Aromatic rubber process oil with low viscosity index. It is easy to
process during milling, mixing and extruding operations. Also most
economical. Used where staining is not a problem and chiefly in tires and
coloured mechanical goods. These products show excellent solvency, superior
compatibility and have low volatility and high viscosity.

General description of treated distillate aromatic extracted (TDAE)
TDAE is a green rubber oil (natural friendly oil) with a high aromatic
content, environmental protection, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic
characteristics, can be used as a substitute for existing aromatic oil.
This environment friendly process oil is used as a softening additive in
the process of vulcanization of natural rubber and as a component of rubber
compounds. Its high viscosity gravity constant (vgc) leads to the reduction
in heat buildup and rotational resistance during the usage of tyres. Such
characteristics enable our TDAE to be used in the production of high
quality tire and rubbers.

Asphalt oil
Technology of asphalt pavements by asphalt oil started 170 years ago, with
an experiment involving natural rubber with bitumen in the 1840s ,
attempting to capture the flexible nature of rubber in a longer lasting
paving surface. Now a days especially rubber process oil use instead of
natural rubber for bitumen rubber blend as asphalt oil for pavement.
Nowadays the rubberized asphalt technology is being adopted in many other
parts of the world: Taiwan is pioneer in asphalt mixtures for flexible
pavement rehabilitation; furthermore, rubberized asphalt oil has been
trialled in Beijing and for use in new and maintenance work as part of the
preparation for the 2008 Olympics in China and it has also been used in
EcoPark Project in Hong Kong.

General description of low viscosity paraffinic RPO
paraffinic rubber process oil with low viscosity index is a light brownish
color ,it contains poly-cyclic aromatic less than 3% which put this oil in
environment friendly category for such a reason it calls green RPO more
than this percentage will be harmful for environment this make low
viscosity rubber process oil more unique which is the best option for the
biggest consumer in European country .
rubber process oil
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