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Company: Printer Color Toner chip
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sell chip toner for HP Color Laser 6015/6030/6040 laser jet chip

HP Color Laser 6015/6030/6040 toner chip

1.printer Model:HP Color Laser 6015/6030/6040 toner cartridge chip
2.Color:bk,c,m,y printer chip
3.yield: 16.5/21k @5% coverage reset chip
4.cartridge NO:HP CB380A/HP CB381A/HP CB382A/HP CB383A laser chip

Miss Echo
Skype: printercolorltd03 ICQ:615-332-527
Webs ,

Samsung toner chip, hp printer chip, xerox laser chip, epson compatible, Minota toner chip, drum chip, Kyocera reset chip, Utax toner cartridge chip, OKI chip toner, Ricoh chip cartrtidge etc...

We are a gold and trusted manufacturer of toner chip (laser chip, reset chip, printer chip, toner cartridge chip, compatible chip) by the biggest international site, Our website: We have some new chips as follows:

for HP new toner chip:

for HP Black universal chip--- for HP 1160/1300/1320/2300/2400/2410/2420/2430/4200/4250/ 4300/4350/4345/3005/2015 for Canon LBP3300/LBP3410 A
for HP CE255A /X toner chip ---for HP LaserJet Enterprise P3010/3015
for HP CE285A toner chip --- for HP P1102N
for HP CE278A--- for HP P1566A/1606A
for HP CE250A,CE251A,CE252A,CE253A color toner chip--for HP LaserJet Enterprise P3010/3015
for HP CE260A,CE261A,CE262A,CE263A color toner chip---for HP laser jet 4525
for HP CB540A,CB541A,CB542A,CB543A color toner chip --for HP CP1215/CP1515/1312
for HP CB530A,CB531A,CB532A,CB533A color toner chip ---for Hp CP2025/2020 CM2320MFP
for HP CE505A/X toner chip ---for HP2030 2035A 2050 2055
for HP CC364A/X toner chip --for HP P4014/P4015
for HP CB435A/36A/388a universal toner chip ---for HP Laserjet P1005/P1006/P1505 /P1007/1008
for HP Q6000A,Q6001A,Q6002A,Q6003A toner chip--for HP Color LaserJet 1600/2600n/2605/CM1015MFP/CM1017MFP
for HP Color LaserJet 2550/2820/2840 toner chip
for HP CP3505/3600/3800/3000/2600/1600 toner chip
for HP Color LaserJet 4600/4650 toner chip
for HP Color LaserJet 5500/5550 toner chip
for HP LaserJet 9000/9040/9050/M9040/M9050 toner chip
for HP Color LaserJet 3500/3550/3700 toner chip
for HP CE310A,CE311A,CE312A,CE313A toner chip ---------for HP CP1025 color toner chip
for HP CE320A,CE321A,CE322A,CE323A toner chip----------for HP CP1415/CP1525 color toner chip
for HP CE740A,CE741A,CE742A,CE743A toner chip ----------for HP CP5220/5225/5225dn,for Cannon 9100 color toner chip
for HP CE380A,HP CE381A,HP CE382A,HPO CE383A color toner chip ---for HP 6015/6030/6040 color toner chip
for HP C8550A, C8551A,C8552A,C8553A color toner chip ---for HP 9500 color toner chip
for HP CE400A,CE401A,CE402A,CE403A color toner chip --for HP 4005 color toner chip
for HP 4500/4550/8500/8550 drum chip
Laser chip for LaserJet 1160/1320/3390/3392
Laser chip for LaserJet 1320/3390/3392
Laser chip for LaserJet 1300
Printer chip for LaserJet P1505/M1120/M1522
Printer chip for LaserJet P2014/2015/M2727
Printer chip for LaserJet 2300 (HP Q6511A/X)
Printer chip for LaserJet 2400/2410/2420/2430
Printer chip for LaserJet P3005/M3027MFP/M3035MFP
(HP Q7551A/X)
Cartridge chip for LaserJet 4200
Cartridge chip for LaserJet 4250/4350 (HP Q5942A/X)
Cartridge chip for LaserJet 4300
Cartridge chip for HP CP1215/CP1515/1312 (BK/C/M/Y)
Cartridge chip for HP P4014/P4015 (CC364A /X)
Cartridge chip for Hp CP2025/2020 CM2320MFP (BK/C/M/Y)
Cartridge chip for HP2030 2035A 2050 2055 (CE505A/X)
Cartridge chip for LaserJet 5200
Toner chip for LaserJet 9000/9040/9050/M9040/M9050
Toner chip for LaserJet 4100/4101MFP
Toner chip for LaserJet 4345MFP
Toner chip for LaserJet P1007/1008 nonuniversal
Toner Cartridge chip for Laserjet P1005/P1006/P1505 nonuniversal
(HP CB436A/ CB435A)
Toner Cartridge chip Laserjet P1005/P1006/P1505 /P1007/1008
(HP CB435A/36A/38A)
Toner chip for HP Color LaserJet 1600/2600n/2605/CM1015MFP/CM1017MFP
Toner chip for Color LaserJet 2550/2820/2840
(HP Q3961A/ HP Q3962A/ HP Q3963A/ HP Q3971A/ HP Q3972A/ HP Q3973A)
toner chip for Color LaserJet 2700/3000
(HP Q7560A / HP Q7561A/ HP Q7562A/ HP Q7563A)
Toner Cartridge chip HP Color LaserJet 3500/3550/3700 BK
Compatible chip for HP Color LaserJet 3500/3550 (C/M/Y)
Laser toner chip for HP Color LaserJet 3700 (C/M/Y)
Laser toner chip HP CP3505/3600/3800/3000/2600/1600(BK/C/M/Y)
Laser toner chip Color LaserJet 4600/4650 (C/M/K/Y)

for Samsung new toner chip:

Samsung MLT-D106----Samsung ML-2245 2K chips
Samsung MLT-D205---Samsung ML-3310/3710,SCX-4833/5737 2K/5K
Samsung MLT-D206 ---Samsung SCX-5935 10K
Samsung SCX-R6555A---Samsung SCX-6455/6555 25K for toner chips,80K for drum chips
Samsung MLT-D308----Samsung ML-4055/4555 10K/20K toner chips
SamsungCLXK8380A,CLX-C8380A,CLX-M8380A,CL , X-Y8380A---
Samsung CLX-8380ND ,20K for BK Chip,15K for the color chips
for Samsung 105----for Samsung Ml-1910/1915/2525/2580/4600/4606/4623/CF650 1.5K/2.5K
for Samsung MLT-308-------for Samsung Ml-4055/4555 chip 10K/20K
for Samsung 209-------------------for Samsung SCX-4824/4828/2855 2K/5K
for Samsung 108-------for Samsung ML-1640/1641/1642/2240/2241 1.5K
for Samsung 409---for Samsung CLp-310/315/3170/3185 1.5K
for Samsung 109---for Samsung SCX-4300/4610/4315 2K
for Samsung MLT-104 -------for Samsung ML-1660/ML-1661/ML-1666/ML-1665
for Samsung MLT-407---for Samsung CLP-320/CLP-325/CLX-3185
for Samsung SCX-620
for Samsung MLT-208 ------for Samsung SCX-5635/SCX-5835
for Samsung CLT-508 --------------------for Samsung CLP-615/620/670
for Samsung CLP-770---------for Samsung CLT-609
for Samsung SCX-6345 toner chip ,
for Samsung SCX-6345 drum chip
Toner chip for Samsung CLP-600 (BK/C/M/Y)
Toner chip for Samsung CLP-300/2160/3160FN/3160N (BK/C/M/Y)
Toner chip for Samsung CLP-510/500/500N/550/550N (BK/C/M/Y)
Toner chip for ML-2150,ML2151N,ML-2152W,ML-2550,ML-2551N
Laser chip for Samsung ML-2250,ML-2251N,ML-2252W
Laser chip for Samsung SCX-4500 ,ML-1630
Laser chip for Samsugn ML-2850D,ML-2851ND
Printer chip for Samsung ML-3050,ML-3051N,ML-3051ND
Printer chip for Samsung ML-3470D,ML3470DN
Printer chip for Samsung SCX-4720F
Compatible chip for Samsung SCX-4200
Cartridge chip for Samsung SCX-4725F.SCX4725FN
Cartridge chip for Samsung SCX-5330N,5530FN
Cartridge chip for Samsung CLP-350A (K/C/M/Y)
For Samsung CLP-310,CLP-315 printer Mainboard chip
For Samsung SCX-4300 cartridge chip
For Samsung ML-1640 printer Mainboard chip
For Samsung ML-2240/ML-2241 printer Mainboard chip
For Samsung SCX-4828/SCX-4824
Cartridge chip for Samsung ML-1666
Cartridge chip for Samsung ML-1640/1641
Cartridge chip for Samsung ML-2240/2241

Minimum Order: 1 pieces

sell chip toner for HP Color Laser 6015/6030/6040 laser jet chip
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