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Small boiler water supply Electric Centrifugal Pump / DG single suction ce

Small boiler water supply Electric Centrifugal Pump / DG single suction centrifugal pump Uses: The series of pumps horizontal single-suction multi-stage centrifugal pump, for the delivery of water or physical and chemical properties similar to the liquid water for medium and low-pressure boiler Or secondary high-pressure boiler feed water, but also for factory or urban high-pressure water supply and drainage. The conveying medium temperature is -20 ~ 150 , the inlet allowable pressure is less than 0.6MPa. Product Features DG type pump inlet and outlet are vertical up, by tightening the bolts of the pump into the water, the middle, the water section, the bearing body and other pump parts connected into one, according to the pump head selection pump series. The series of open pump rotor part of the shaft and installed by the shaft on the impeller, bushings, balance plate and other components, including the number of impellers according to the pump series. The shaft parts are fastened to the shaft by means of the flat key and the shaft nut. The entire rotor is supported by both ends of the rolling bearing or sliding bearing, the bearing is different depending on the model, do not bear the axial force, the axial force balance by the balance plate, the pump in the run to allow the rotor in the pump shell axial swimming, Using radial ball bearings. Rolling bearings lubricated with grease, sliding bearings with thin oil lubrication, and oil ring for self-lubricating, circulating water cooling. The sealing surface between the inlet section, the middle section and the water outlet of the pump is sealed with molybdenum disulfide grease, and the sealing part and the guide vane cover are sealed between the rotor part and the fixed part. When the sealing ring and the guide vane cover The degree of wear has been affected when the new function of the pump should be replaced. Shaft seal in the form of mechanical seal and packing seal two. DG pump with packing seal, the filler ring position to be correct, the degree of tightness of the filler must be appropriate to the liquid can drop a drop of bleeding is appropriate. Pump a variety of sealing components installed in the sealed cavity, the cavity to pass a certain pressure of water, water seal, water or water lubrication. A replaceable sleeve is provided at the shaft seal to protect the pump shaft. DG85-67, DG155-67 pump can be used sliding bearings, thin oil lubrication, can also be used rolling bearings, dry oil lubrication structure, the rest of the models are used rolling bearings, dry oil lubrication, the use of sliding bearings, structure. In the low-pressure pump main parts of the material generally use high-quality cast iron, secondary high-pressure pump main parts using cast steel or stainless steel. The series of pumps through the elastic coupling directly driven by the prime mover, from the direction of the prime mover, the pump clockwise rotation. Main parts material - - - - Parts Name Alternative Material (Optional) Shaft 45,2Cr13 (Stainless Steel) Pump body,Pump Cover HT250,QT400-15 (Ductile Iron),ZG230-450 Impeller HT200,ZCusnll (Bronze) ZGLCr18Ni9 (Stainless Steel) Seal ring HT250,QT400-15,(Ductile Iron)ZCUsull (Bronze),ZGLCRL8Nl9 (Stainless Steel) - - - - Model meaning DG85-80 12 DG: multi - stage boiler feed pump 85: Design point flow is 85 m / h 80: Design point single level head is 80m 12: 12 series

Minimum Order: 1 pieces

Small boiler water supply Electric Centrifugal Pump / DG single suction ce
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