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Date/Time:  4/8/17 22:37 GMT

Suppliers of raw cashew nut in shell, 2017 harvest

Source Markets for Raw Cashew nut in shell 2017 harvest

The main DC suppliers of raw cashew nut to lagos is edocashew trading
group. These large suppliers accounted for 93% of supplies in 2014(100
thousand tonnes). The rest of DC supples stemmed from other states in
Nigeria. Supplies of raw cashew from Edo to lagos amounted to 70000 tonnes
in 2013. Edo supplies amounted to 1200 tonnes / 520,000 naira and increased
at an annual rate of 5.1% in volume and 25% in value since 2009.

The cashew nut, the third widely consumed edible tree nut, often thought to
be a seed is actually a single seeded fruit of a tropical evergreen tree
(Anacardium occidentale), belonging to the family of Anacardiaceae.Cashew
is the worlds favorite nut and among the cashew producing countries, India,
Brazil and Vietnam are the major processors. edocashew trading group is the
third largest source of cashew nuts in the Nigeria. edocashew trading group
produces around 35thousand tons of cashew nuts every year. Due to the large
producing capacity in Sabongida Ora Edo State Nigeria, The State produces
huge volumes of raw cashew nuts.

We buy direct from farmers and store directly in the village. This is
unlike the vast majority of the world's cashews that are shipped thousands
of miles to a processing factory along the way passing through 4-5 traders.

Suppliers of raw cashew nut in shell, 2017 harvest
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