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Supply Nickel Oxide NiO74%,76%,77% in ferrite,frits,color,glass industry

Synonyms:Nickel oxide, Nickel protoxide, Nickel(II) Oxide, Nickel (II) Oxide Green, Nickel Monoxide, Nickelous Oxide,Nickel oxide Green,Nickelous Oxygen,nickelous oxygen(-2) anion
CAS NO. :1313-99-1
M.F. : NiO
M.F. : 74.71
HS Code:28254000
Properties : green,green-black powder.Ni2O3 is stable only at low temperature.It dissociates into Ni3O4 when heated to 400-500Deg,and if continue to be heated, Ni2O3 can become NiO. The melting point of NiO is 1650-1660℃,so it is easy to be deoxidized by C and CO.Like FeO or Co,NiO can form NiO·SiO2 and the silicate compound of NiO·SiO2,among them,the NiO2·SiO2 is not stable.Nickel Protoxide can be dissolved in sulphuric acid,sulfinic acid,hydrochloric acid and nitric acid and ect,it will be green nickelous salts.
Use :
1.NiO is used as adhesive agent and coloring agent of ceramic glaze, in enamel, porcelain glaze and ceramic industry.And it plays as raw and colouring material of ceramic industrial.
2.In magnetic materials production,Nickelous Oxide can be used as metarials of Ni-Zn ferrite .
3.Nickel Oxide Green(NiO ) is coloring agent for picture tubes and cranberry glass in glass industry.
4.Meanwhile,it is the raw materials of Nickel salt,Nickel catalyst and the secondary battery.
Storage : stored in sealed container.
Packing : 25Kg woven bags lined with plastic bag(special packing can be made according to clients' requirement).
Specification ( % ) Nickel Oxide Monoxide/Protoxide
Item Ni-74(%) Ni-765(%)
Ni 74min 76.5min
Cu 0.1max 0.1max
Fe 0.5max 0.2max
Mn 0.03max 0.03max
Insolubles in sulfate 0.3max 0.3max
Zn 0.1max 0.1max
Co 0.1max 0.1max
Ca+Mg+Na 1.5max 1.3max
Size 98min( through 320mesh) 99min(through 500mesh)

Minimum Order: 500 kilometres

Supply Nickel Oxide NiO74%,76%,77% in  ferrite,frits,color,glass industry
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