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Swing type robot arm five axis

All axes are driven by absolute position servo motor.
Y-axis (up and down axis) uses Taiwan high-precision linear guide plus
precision lead screw and high-precision servo, to realize high-precision high-
speed smooth up-and-down positioning.
S-axis (main axis of rotation) uses Japan robot dedicated hollow reduction gear
plus Taiwan high precision servo to achieve high-speed precision gapless
X-axis (front and rear telescopic shaft) uses Taiwan high-precision linear
guide plus precision lead screw and high-precision servo, to realize high-
precision high-speed positioning.
The robot body is made of blackened high strength steel. The main axis of
rotation is made of high strength aluminum profile. The hood is made of sheet
metal with stoving varnish. It has the features of simple structure, high
strength, beautiful appearance and durability.
Parameters:(Customization available)
1. Max load: 10KG Radius: 1250MM
2. Repeated Positioning Accuracy: ±0.1MM
3. Installation way: Floor type
4. Y Axis Up-and-down Stroke: 420MM Max Speed: 500MM/S
5. S Axis Rotation Stroke: +-270° Max Speed: 156°/S
6. X Axis Advance and Retreat Stroke: 600MM Max Speed:1.56M/S
7. X Axis Rotation Stroke: 360° Max Speed: 360°/S
8. Weight: 330KG Environment: 0-45 ℃
9. RH: 30%~95% Noncondensing
10. Color: Primary (others available)
Control System:
1. Dedicated industrial robot control system PTP point-to-point control mode
2. 8-inch color touch screen handheld controller, multi-language user
interface, easy to operate, convenient and user-friendly.
3. Open teaching methods, easier and intuitive robot programming, without PLC
engineers, end-users can also be programmed in the production site.
4. Support multiple product program storage to connect with any punch press,
interlock function
5. Coordination among multiple robots of continuous punch press adopts CAN bus
communication. The response speed of manipulator is faster and the efficiency
is higher. Simple connection requires no complex I / O signal connection
6. With USB port, U disk can be used to upgrade the program and manage and
share parameters.
7. Position of mobile arm can be quickly set. The robot arm can be manually
moved to the target position, and then set the current site as the automatic
operation position. The knob-type pulse trimmer for precise positioning can
also be used in this process, so the set value is more accurate and convenient.
8. Maximum power: 2.50 KW Electric control box: Integrated electric box
9. With stand Mobile Teach Pendant, Cable length 3 m
10. Protection class: IP20 Humidity: up to 95%, no condensation
11. Ambient temperature 0 - 45 ° C
Power: single-phase plus ground, 220V voltage
With four degree of freedom, left and right rotation, up and down, back and
forth, end rotation, there is no requirement of the center of the mold height,
spacing. Non-standard customization is available to meet different load and arm
stretching, according to customer requirements.
1. All servos are absolute position servos. Mechanical origin is no need to be
relocated after power off and restart, and the origin can be quickly
repositioned according to the servo memory. There is no origin sensor switch to
reduce the failure rate.
2. The main axis of rotation uses robot-specific high-precision hollow
reduction gear, with features of compact, beautiful, strong steel, torque and
impact resistance.
3. The main feature of this model is the rotation of the rotating shaft. The
structure is ascending and descending first and rotating afterwards. The center
of gravity is moved closer to the center of rotation so as to obtain better
rotation speed and accuracy.
4. The level rotation and flip up and down of terminal uses robot coupling
drive mechanism. The two driving motor are rear positioned and relatively
static, thus greatly improving the stability of the device and the load
capacity of the end.
5. Equipped with mixed connection unit, multiple sets can be connected to work
together and entire line can be split into several small sections to operate.
6. Because of the mixed connection unit, the arm can move freely, and man-
machine mixed operation is also available, which is convenient for arranging
personnel to work in places which are unsuitable for arm.
7. Equipped with intelligent programming system, easy to learn. Every time when
mold is changed, The reprogramming only takes five minutes.
8. Electric box and the host integrated design helps arm occupy less space and
is more convenient for installation and repositioning. The stamping robot arm
is more efficient and user-friendly than any brand of general-purpose six-axis
robot. Also, it is better in precision, service life, speed, user-friendly than
other same function arms.
Tailored solutions and after-sales service for customers are provided to solve
all kinds of problems to ensure that robot adapts to a variety of working

Minimum Order: 1 sets

Swing type robot arm five axis
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