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Testosterone Phenylpropionate/

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Product Name:Testosterone Phenylpropionate
Alias:Testosteronephenylpropio , nate,testos-ph
CAS register number : 1255-49-8
EINECS : 215-014-4
Molecular formula : C28H36O3
Molecular weight : 420.59
Assay : 98%
Appearance : White powder
Grade : Pharmaceutical Grade

Short Acting Ester

Testosterone phenylpropionate represent a short-acting ester which has a
release time of 1 to 3 weeks,characterized by both anabolic and androgenic
proprieties. Its active life is 4-5 day although detection time is about 3
months.Testosterone phenylpropionate is not so popular between
bodybuilders/athletes as other testosterone ester because many think that it is
not so efficient. Most sportsmen want quick results, but this drug need some
patience. By using testosterone phenylpropionate correctly the results will be

Testosterone phenylpropionate Benefits

Testosteronephenyl propionate is a drug that belongs to the androgens class of
drugs. It is one of the components of Sustanon and Omnadren. Testosterone
phenyl propionate is available for administration as injection. The injection
has an active life of four to five days. It may be used alone or in combination
with other esters for androgen replacement therapy in males with confirmed
testosterone deficiency. However, its most popular usage is for increasing
muscular mass and strength.A positive characteristic that bodybuilders should
know about this stuff is that side effects such water retention appears very
seldom. Also by taking testosterone phenylpropionate athletes report increase
of appetite, aggressiveness and strength. In general by using this kind of
testosterone in right way the effects are similar to other testosterone ester
but it doesn’t require very frequent injections, and doesn’t cause water

The overall action of the drug is promoting well-being through enhanced libido,
immunity, energy, increasing muscle mass and increased fat loss. It is not
recommended to use high doses of testosterone phenyl propionate due to high
androgenic effects of the drug. The androgenic/anabolic effects of the drug
depend on the administered dose. Athletes consider that higher the dose, better
the results, but higher doses imply higher risks associated to negative effects
on the liver. Testosterone phenyl propionate is considered to bring good
results in increasing testosterone levels, gaining strength and muscle mass.
Due to stimulation of the Androgen Receptors, testosterone phenyl propionate
may cause accelerated muscle mass, increased fat loss, muscle repair and
growth. Since the body increases its muscular mass at an accelerated rate, more
ingested food is shuttled directly to the muscle tissue. It is an indirect
effect of testosterone on fat loss.

Testosterone phenylpropionate Stacking

Testosterone phenylpropionate stacks well with other compounds. In order to
increase the density and the mass of muscles it is recommended to be combining
with dieting and exercising. A good drug to be combined especially in cutting
cycles is Nandrolone phenylpropionate.

Testosterone phenylpropionate dosage

Most bodybuilders/athletes administered testosterone phenyl propionate twice a
week or every two other days. The preferable dose for male is 300mg- 3000mg/
week. Female sportsmen are not recommended to use this drug because of side
effects that may occur.
The side effects of testosterone phenyl propionate are less than all the
testosterone esters, here are some of them: virilization, increased body/facial
Testosterone Phenylpropionate/
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