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The international tire show tells you about Apple's car patent

The international tire show tells you about Apple's car patent

Apple's fourth automotive patent in July was a wire-controlled steering
suspension system that helps reduce roll resistance, shared the China Auto
Parts Trade Fair.
U.S patent and trademark office (uspto) on July 16. The Patent and Trademark
Office officially released 60 new apple patents, including a new vehicle
suspension structure, and more specifically, a vehicle suspension structure
using a wire-controlled steering configuration.
Apple's fourth automotive patent in July was a wire-controlled steering
suspension system that helps reduce roll resistance
Apple points out that the car's suspension system connects the vehicle to the
wheels, allowing the chassis to move relative to the wheels. The automobile
suspension can provide passengers with a comfortable ride experience while
ensuring the accurate steering and steering of the vehicle on various roads.
Traditional steering systems connect the steering wheel directly to the wheels
mechanically. These include power-assisted steering systems such as HPAS and
Often, automotive steering and suspension parts and configuration are designed
to make it consistent with the wheel, thereby improving the pilot experience,
such as through the wheel disturbance compensation method (such as wheel
unbalance, vibration, the design tolerance wheel and tire uneven wear caused
by disturbance), keep the direction stability, and enhance the driver's
steering feel, at the same time let the automatic wheel and steering and
suspension parts.
To provide these characteristics, in general, China Auto Parts Trade
Show shares that the steering shaft of each wheel used for steering is tilted
relative to the vertical axis of the wheel, whether from the side, front or
back. In addition, the steering shaft is somewhat offset from the center of
the wheel. Based on the characteristics of the steering shaft, the ground
contact (the contact between the tire and the ground) generates a steering
torque. More specifically, the kingpin dip towing (the distance from the
center of the contact surface to the intersection of the steering shaft and
the ground, as seen from the front and rear of the vehicle) creates a steering
torque that allows the steering shaft to be adjusted according to the
longitudinal force of the tire to accelerate or brake.
The backward dip traction distance (that is, from the side of the vehicle,
from the center of the contact surface to the intersection point between the
steering shaft and the ground) also generates a steering torque, which can be
adjusted to the steering shaft according to the lateral force of the tire to
turn or turn. However, this type of operation creates a "lift" effect (rise or
fall) at the center of the wheel, which causes the body to rise or fall with
In addition, a tire showed by China international auto parts exhibition is
usually part of a wheel that automatically aligns itself with the steering
system when turning. More precisely, in turn operation, the lateral force
tends to be concentrated at the center of the contact surface of the tire
drag. Because of this force, the lateral force in the turn direction is
generated at the tire drag, thus forming a wheel that can adjust its torque.
Therefore, HPAS and EPAS systems in which the driver controls the steering
system of the vehicle must be able to overcome the above mentioned challenges
of mechanical self-adjustment, tow-distance self-adjustment and lifting effect
in order to correctly execute the steering instructions of the driver. In
addition, an inclined steering shaft increases the likelihood of tire wear and
wheel roll resistance.
Apple's inventions include a car suspension system that includes suspension
components connected to the frame and steering knuckles that connect the
suspension components to the wheels for steering. The knuckle is connected to
the frame and the wheel via the suspension assembly, providing a steering
shaft with zero inclination for the wheel, eliminating the possibility of the
wheel returning to the center position when turning. According to the patent,
not going back to the center itself reduces rolling resistance and improves
tire wear. But it also loses a sense of steering, which, if used for self-
driving cars, might not be a problem.
Apple says the wire-controlled steering system does not use physical hinges to
allow the steering wheel to perform turns, so it could be used in self-driving
cars. Apple also pointed out that its solution could make steering and
suspension system components smaller and lighter, improving vehicle efficiency
and reducing packaging.
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The international tire show tells you about Apple's car patent
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