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Company: Mengke Safety Grating Co., Ltd
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Traction-Grip Stair Treads

Traction-Grip Safety Grating Protects Stair Activity
Galvanized steel Traction-Grip stair treads used in factory effectively reduce
falls and slips accidents.
SST-01: Galvanized steel Traction-Grip safety grating.

Stairs play important roles in buildings or facilities. However, accidents
including falls and slips caused by stair treads will cost millions of dollars
every year. The stair treads could become very slippery for heavy traffic or
polluted by grease, detergents or water. There is a practical choice -
Traction-Grip stair tread safety grating.

Covered by hundreds of embossed perforated buttons, Traction-Grip stair treads
or ramps can offer huge slip-resistance between the foot and the grating
surface. In addition, perforated tread traction grating is friendly to hands
and body. Even you fall down, the raised buttons will not hurt yourself. There
are multiple material options to satisfy different requirements: HRPO carbon
steel, pre-galvanized steel, aluminum alloy and stainless steel 304. Still
available in a number of widths, depths and lengths and custom sizes.

End carrier plates with pre-punched holes and slots allow the grating to be
bolted to the stair stringers and create your own custom stair treads.

Carrier plate used to attach the stringers with the stair tread grating.
SST-03: Carrier plate.

Dimensions of end carrier plate for traction safety stair treads.
SST-02: Carrier plate details.

Traction-Grip Carrier Plate Specification
Tread Width
A (inch) Depth
B (inch) Dimension
C (inch) Dimension
D (inch)
5 1-1/2 3/4 2
2 1
7 1-1/2 3/4 4
2 1
10 1-1/2 3/4 7
2 1
12 1-1/2 3/4 9
2 1
Traction-Grip safety stair treads description:

Width: 7", 10" and 12".
Channel depth: 2".
Length: 30", 48" or any cut length.
Material options:
Hot rolled, pickled and oiled carbon steel, 11 ga, 13 ga and 16 ga.
Pre-galvanized steel, 11 ga, 13 ga and 16 ga.
Stainless steel 304, 16 ga.
Aluminum alloy 5052-H32, 0.125".
Features & benefits:

Complete with carrier plates in each end for easy installation.
Available in standard or custom dimensions.
Long life span and little maintenance.
Superior slip-resistance in all conditions.
Aluminum stair tread grating for an exterior stair.
SST-04: Aluminum traction stair tread.

Stainless steel traction-grip stair treads not only an attractive element but
also suitable for all shoes including high heels.
SST-05: Stainless Traction-Grip stair treads with rain holes.

Traction-Grip ramp safety grating with serrated surface for more friction.
SST-06: Traction-Grip ramp safety grating with serrated surface.

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Traction-Grip Stair Treads
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