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Transformer oven Transformer dry oven

Non - standard customization

Brief introduction of special oven products for mutual inductor:

1. it is mainly used for drying and curing transformer products and preheating
treatment of mutual inductor.

2. the working temperature is -200 C at room temperature (the special
requirement can reach 300 C), and the temperature control accuracy is 1 C.

3. studio size: customer self determination. It can be equipped with a small
car, (it can be matched with a vacuum tank).The size of

4. small cars and pallets is provided by the user.

5. pallets are made of channel steel, steel plate and border material. It is
equipped with a hook. The bottom load of the .

6. box is 2T.

7. the top of the box is equipped with an exhaust port, with an interface, and
the exhaust pipe is received by the user.

8. the inner and outer shells and bottom of the oven are made of steel plate,
channel steel and track steel. The thickness of the insulation layer is 12cm..

9. fan is installed on both sides or top of the box. The heater is installed on
both sides of the air duct, and the outlet is on the top of the car.

10. oven electric heating power 21kw, motor power 370W, each oven has a total
of 4 motors.

11. door is double open door, and the pull rod is pressed tightly.

The bottom track of the

12. oven extends the 2m--3m length of the oven.

13. the rear side of the cabinet is equipped with a decompression door device,
and the overpressure is automatically opened.

14. temperature control instrument: digital display intelligent temperature
controller (segmented temperature control), SSR+PID control, can reserve time
switch function.

15. studio size: customized according to customer requirements.

This product can also be used for coil and transformer dipping, drying and
curing. It is widely applied in the ballast industry. After drying, the product
surface is basically without chromatic aberration.

Product introduction:

The workshop of transformer oven is made of cold rolled plate and stainless
steel plate, and it has corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.
The housing is made of cold rolled steel plate, angle steel and channel steel.
The high temperature aluminum silicate fiber is filled between the shell and
the workshop. This product adopts digital intelligent temperature control
temperature control (multi segment control), SSR+PID control without contact.
It is specially used for drying and drying products of transformers, reactors
and transformer industries, as well as large electronics, pharmaceutical,
chemical and plastic industries. It is widely used in the transformer industry.
In addition, the two vulcanization process of rubber products can completely
remove the white ash which is difficult to remove, and effectively guarantee
the quality and requirements of the products.

Technical parameters:

Model Power supply voltage(V) Heating power(KW)
temperature range control accuracy Motor power (W)
Studio size(H×W×D)

WY-HG-1 380 21
300℃ ±1℃ 750×2

WY-HG-2 380 36
200℃ ±1℃ 1100×2

WY-HG-3 380 42
200℃ ±1℃ 1100×3

WY-HG-4 380 60
200℃ ±1℃ 1100×4

Minimum Order: 1 sets

Transformer oven Transformer dry oven
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