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Underground Personnel Tracking System

Underground Personnel Tracking System
Because of the large liquidity of coal mine underground work personnel, vehicles
and other mobile target. Once flooding accident, fire disaster and other accidents
occur, this will bring great difficulties to the relief work. Therefore, mine
personnel management system can be used for well personnel tracking and locating,
enhancing mine disaster relief work, improving production dispatching. It can also
perform security monitoring and inspection, check staff attendance, handle urgent
incidents and keep track of the position and traces of various underground all
kinds of personnel and other moving targets. 
Also we can get accurate statistics of each shift of people in the well, various
types of operation. All of these will provide accurate data for safe production,
reasonable employment, well attendance. Coal mine personnel management system for
underground personnel wireless positioning, tracking and attendance. In line with
the resource sharing, the system makes full use of resources on the basis of the
existing system. On the basis of modern wired and wireless communication
technology, control computer system, Central control computer system is set on
ground operation department, while transmission substation and wireless
transceiver are arranged at related position. 
• Adopting wireless two-
wa , y communication: Underground personnel can lo , ok for emergency help, whi
le people on  , the ground can
notify underground personnel to evacuate  , through a variety of sound and
 light al , arm method
• Personnel identification card achieves wireless transmission by using
2.4G technology
• Effective coverage area radius of wireless transceiver >20m
• Including such func , tion as underground personnel positioning, at , tendance
, alarm call, data collection, et , c.
• Using RS485 bus + optical fiber t , ransmission, with long communication
 dista , nce, stable and reliable performance
• T , he two 2 core communication cable between t , ransmission substation can
 be connected i , n series, relay cascade
Portable identity  , card with small volume, convenient to carry, ,  can be p
laced in the safety helmet, b , elts, miner's lamp cord or integrated
within the miner's lamp. In addition, centralized control system, mining
automation control system and mine power monitoring system is also important for
mining industry.
Underground Personnel Tracking System
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