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Contact: Sandra
Company: A&S Conveyor Belts CO.,LTD.
2nd Floor,Xinhe Linghang building,Xingsheng Road,Gaoxing District,Chengdu,Sichuan,China
Chengdu 610041
Phone: +86-28-84165225
Fax: +86-28-86129221
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Date/Time:  12/24/19 3:31 GMT


A&S Conveyor Belts Co., Ltd. supplies full range of UNITTA/GATES Timing Belts.
312-8YU 328-8YU 344-8YU 416-8YU 432-8YU 440-8YU 464-8YU 472-8YU 480-8YU
488-8YU 504-8YU 512-8YU 520-8YU 544-8YU 552-8YU 560-8YU 576-8YU 600-8YU
608-8YU 616-8YU 624-8YU 632-8YU 640-8YU 656-8YU 664-8YU 680-8YU 704-8YU
720-8YU 728-8YU 744-8YU 752-8YU 760-8YU 768-8YU 776-8YU 784-8YU 792-8YU
800-8YU 808-8YU 816-8YU 824-8YU 832-8YU 840-8YU 848-8YU 856-8YU 864-8YU
872-8YU 880-8YU 888-8YU 896-8YU 904-8YU 912-8YU 920-8YU 928-8YU 936-8YU
944-8YU 952-8YU 960-8YU 968-8YU 976-8YU 984-8YU 992-8YU 1000-8YU 1008-
8YU 1016-8YU 64-8YU 1072-8YU 1080-8YU 1088-8YU 1096-8YU 1112-8YU 1120-
8YU 1128-8YU 1136-8YU 1144-8YU 1152-8YU 1160-8YU 1168-8YU 1176-8YU
1184-8YU 1192-8YU 1200-8YU 1208-8YU 1216-8YU 1224-8YU 1232-8YU 1240-8YU
1248-8YU 1256-8YU 1264-8YU 1272-8YU 1280-8YU 1288-8YU 1296-8YU 1304-8YU
1312-8YU 1320-8YU 1328-8YU 1336-8YU 1344-8YU 1352-8YU 1360-8YU 1376-8YU
1384-8YU 1392-8YU 1400-8YU1408-8YU 1416-8YU 1424-8YU 1432-8YU 1440-8YU
1448-8YU 1456-8YU 1464-8YU 1480-8YU 1496-8YU 1520-8YU 1544-8YU 1568-8YU
1576-8YU 1600-8YU 1608-8YU 1616-8YU 1640-8YU 1656-8YU 1680-8YU -8YU
1696-8YU 1720-8YU 1728-8YU 1736-8YU 1752-8YU 1760-8YU 1768-8YU 1776-8YU
1784-8YU 1808-8YU 1816-8YU 1824-8YU 1856-8YU 1872-8YU 1888-8YU 1896-8YU
1912-8YU 1928-8YU 1944-8YU 1952-8YU 1976-8YU 2000-8YU 2056-8YU 2072-8YU
2120-8YU 2136-8YU 2160-8YU 2240-8YU 2248-8YU 2264-8YU 2280-8YU 2296-8YU
2400-8YU 2456-8YU 2600-8YU 2800-8YU 3200-8YU 4400-8YU 5008-8YU
Any interest, please contact A&S Conveyor Belts Co., Ltd.
​A&S Conveyor Belts Co., Ltd.
​​​​​Tel: +86-28-66960589
​​Fax: +86-28-86129221
Add.: No. 469, Xingsheng Road, Gaoxin District, Chengdu, China​

Minimum Order: 10 pieces

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