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What's Parylene

What's Parylene
Parylene is the generic name for the poly-para-xylylenes.These Parylene materials
form linear, highly-crystalline polymers but can be usefully produced only as
coatings and films. The most commonly used is Parylene C, the mono-chloro
substituted compound. Parylene N, the un-substituted compound, has better high-
frequency dielectric properties, better penetrating power for coating the bore of
very small diameter tubes, and is often preferred in medical applications.
Parylene D, the di-chloro-substituted compound, has better high temperature
The Parylene Coating Process
The Parylene process is unique in coating technology and is best described as a
vapor deposition polymerization. It is carried out under vacuum and requires
specialized equipment.
1. The process begins with sublimation at about 150°C of the high purity
crystalline dimer di-p-xylylene.
2. The vapor is pyrolised at about 650°C to form the gaseous monomer which has an
olefinic structure.
3. The coating chamber is at room temperature. The vapor condenses on all surfaces
equally and can pass through holes as small as 1μ. It then spontaneously
polymerizes to form a product with a high degree of crystallinity. The coating is
absolutely conformal and can be laid down in thicknesses from a few angstroms to
50 microns or more depending on the requirements of the end use.
What's Parylene
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