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Date/Time:  5/16/19 7:42 GMT

YOYIK Isolation valve F3DG5S2-062A-220AC-50-DFZK-V/B08

East is a force to produce and sell important goods, the East a force quickly
and accurately supply a lot of steam turbine / turbine / boiler / motor and
other spare parts, all kinds of imported or domestic pneumatic components and
hydraulic components. YOYIK brand in the industry has made a high honor in the
power, metallurgy, mining, chemicals, building materials, steel and other
fields with an absolutely good reputation.
Isolation valve F3DG5S2-062A-220AC-50-DFZK-V/B08
oil filter XU-A63*30BS
TDZ-1E-33 LVDT sensor
filter CFRX-100*3Q
filter JCAJ007
filter ZX-1000*180
IPC power supply ACE-716C
diatomite filter ZD.04.AA.026
filter SFAX.BH40*30
EH oil main pump PVH131R13AF30B252000002001AB010A
AST/OPC solenoid valve 0508.919T0301.AW027
oil filter C9209033
BFP lube double cartridge filter QF9732W50HPTC-DQ
125LY-35-4 guide bearing for 300MW units AC LOP
HQ16.21Z AST solenoid valve
filter HC2207FDT6H
pressure filter 0110D010BN3HC
filter HX-630*3W
oil filter WUI-A25*80S
filter QUQ3-10*40
DECJ0801 room temp curing thermal conductive perfusion adhesive
Intermediate guige bearing sleeve 100LY-215-2
EH oil system filter DZ903EA10V/-W
globe throttle check valve LJC65C-4.0P
filter HDX-40*5
sealing ring HB4-56J8-91
HDJ-102 epoxy room temp curing adhesive
MEX5D62B20 Pressure gauge
KSB50-250C shaft for stator cooling water pump
pressure hose SMS-10/12-915mm-B
oil filter YWU-25*100-J
Check valve (clip type) 216C50 with reverse flange
globe throttle check valve KJC50C-1.6P
JZJ-22-36 ZBK54019-88 bolt heating rods for steam turbines
D09.261.041 special pin
Isolation valve F3DG5S2-062A-220AC-50-DFZK-V/B08
filter AP3E301-03D03V/-W
KS100ZXN016BQ12SNOERH Manual butterfly valve
125LY-36 AC lube oil pump
HEC56702 epoxy primer varnish
Proportional control valve KFDG4V-5-2C-70N-Z-VM-U1-H7-20
filter NLX-160*1
filter SFBX-25*10
ZJ-22-37 bolt heating rods for steam turbines
AST solenoid valve seat 3D01A001 110VAC
EH oil station air filter BR110+EF4-50 (UN1 1/2)
filter SWCQX-200*50F50
filter TXX-40*30
300MW turbine AC lube pump coupling driving pin 125LY-35-4
MSV Ring D600C-261200A003
Isolation valve F3DG5S2-062A-220AC-50-DFZK-V/B08
DFSYC-2019-05- , 15-A

Minimum Order: 1 pieces

YOYIK Isolation valve	F3DG5S2-062A-220AC-50-DFZK-V/B08
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