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Contact: Ms. Jody Peng
Company: Guangzhou JASU Precision Machinery Co., LTD
No.7 YingXing Middle Road, Donghuan Street, Shiqiao, Panyu District, Guangzhou
Guangzhou 510000
Phone: 86-135-03093787
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Date/Time:  2/10/22 2:43 GMT

10ml 100ML 4 Cavity Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine BV

PET Jar Blowing Machine, Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine, Blow Moulders

Benefits of One Step Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine (ISBM machine)
Nearly no scrap rate
Guaranteed hygienic requirement
Fixed orientation: ISBM machine could make bottles with the same orientation
of screw, which could make the closures (screw cap, flip caps, pump, etc.)
pointing in the same direction.
Shaping ability: the preform remains warm during the process, which could
present a better shaping ability, a sharper angle.
Most beneficial bottling line

Less energy consumption while high output rates
Scrapless process meaning no flash to trim and no regrind.
High utilization of raw material, high yield, high rate of return on
Does not require separate preform mold and machine.
Cut transferring cost of reforms/bottles.
Wokring Process of Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine

The plastic melt is injected into the parison under low injection pressure,
and the neck of the bottle is precisely shaped. After proper control, the
mold is opened and the mandrel and parison are transferred to

Blow molding is completed in this cavity by cooling and forming station.
(The mold cavity determines the shape and appearance of the bottle). The
parison is inflated by the air coming out of the mandrel and close to the
mold. Then, the mold is opened and the mandrel and the parison are
transferred together

Demoulding is completed at this station, and then packaging or filling is
carried out through the assembly line. The three actions of injection, blow
molding and demoulding are carried out at the same time, which is highly
efficient and energy-saving.

Data Sheet of JASU Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine (ISBM)

Item Unit Machine Type
ISB 1100AN-3
Injection Part Screw Diameter mm 50
Screw L/D Ratio L/D 24:1
Screw Speed r/min 0-150
Theoretical Injection Capacity cm3 481
Injection Pressure MPa 176
Max. Hydraulic Pressure Kg/cm 140
The Actual Injection Quantity g(ps) 452
Oz 16
Screw Stroke mm 245
Clamping Part Blow Clamping Force KN 150
Clamp Tonnage KN 600
Wheel Diameter mm 1100
Max. Height PP, PET, PETG, Tritan, PS, PC mm 200
PC, PETG, Tritan, PS mm 220
Open Vertical Mode Trip mm 570
Others Max. Pump Pressure MPa 16
Servo Motor Kw 22
Mode Opening/Locking Motor (Double Pump) Kw 22
Electric Power Kw 12.2
Tank Volume L 420
Dimension of Machine m 4.5*1.95*3.4
Machine Weight T 9
--Parameters are subject to change without prior notice.
--Providing PC, PET, PP, PS, PETG, TRITAN screw barrels according to
customers' requirements.

10ml 100ML 4 Cavity Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine BV 0

Application of injection stretch blow molding machine

A large range of refined and essential designed platic blow molded bottles
and jars are available from size 10ml to 2500ml.

Shapes: cylinder, jar, oblong, square, plain round, wide-mouth, oval, non-
round, ultra-light etc.

Wide mouthed jars for a variety of food and non-food applications, Cosmetics
Packaging: mascara, lotion, cream etc. Pharmaceuticals: eye drops, medicine
bottle, pills, oral liquid, intravenous drip bottles etc. Baby Feeding
Bottles, Spice, Liquor, Carbonated Drink, Beverage Bottles etc.

10ml 100ML 4 Cavity Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine BV 1

JASU is the first PET Bottle Machine Manufacturers of Single Stage PET
Blowing Machine

Absorbed the advanced technology from Japan and Germany.
Manufacturer/Direct Factory with production base takes 24000m2.
Own highly qualified technical staffs (20-30 persons) and R/D center.
Obtained a number of technical patents.
Overseas sales increase 33% annually.

Market network throughout the country , and export to many countries of East
Europe, South America, South Africa etc.
Our machine enjoyed high reputation among customers.
Service technicians (holding visa and passport) are on call and able to
serve on site and instruct via voice and videos.

Mould and tooling, we have our own mold-making facility and mould workshop
ourselves, advanced CNC machine and smart design engineers.

We can treat different materials and sizes of products.

Auxiliary machine,we will equip you with the necessary quality auxiliary
machines to ensure the production plan running well.

Provide one-stop service.

10ml 100ML 4 Cavity Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine BV 2
10ml 100ML 4 Cavity Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine BV
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