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Contact: Miss. Hilary
Company: Shenzhen Ryder Electronics Co., Ltd.
Bldg C, Huaming indus trial park, Langkou, Dalang, Longhua, Shenzhen, Guangdong China. 518109
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Date/Time:  7/21/21 9:39 GMT

10S4P Electric Bicycle Battery Pack

Li-18650-10S4P-36V 12.72Ah-PCM

Product Specification:

Battery model: Li-18650-10S4P-36V 12.72Ah-PCM
Battery specification: 18650 / 3.6V / 2600mAh
Nominal voltage: 36V
Nominal capacity: 12.7Ah
Charging voltage: 42V
Termination voltage: 27V
Battery weight: 2925g
Charging temperature: 10~45℃
Discharge temperature: -20~45℃
Storage temperature: -20~45℃
Lithium-ion battery protection: short circuit protection, overcharge
protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, temperature
protection, etc.
Application areas: lithium batteries for electric scooters.


Product Specification
Content Testing method Remark
Charge Voltage 42V
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 27V
Standard Charge Charge the battery at constant current of 0.2C to reach 42.0V.
Then charge the battery at constant 42.0V voltage until the charging current
decreasing to 0.02C.
Standard Discharge After the standard charging, rest for 1 hour then
discharge to 25.0V@0.2C.
Rated Capacity Typical capacity: 12.72Ah Standard discharge after
standard charge
Operation Charging: 10~45°C 60±25%R.H
Temperature Range Discharging: -20~45℃
Storage ≤ month: - 20~45*C 60±25%R.H Best 10~25°C for long-time storage
Temperature ≤ months: -10 ~ 25C
≤1year: 0 ~ 30°C
Impedance ≤160mΩ
Product Electric Performance Test
Items Test Conditions Requirements
Capacity Retention Fully charging, store them at (20 ± 5) for
Discharging time>250min
28 days, then discharge to 30.0V @0.2C.
Cycle Life @251 Discharge to 27.5V @0.2C, then Charge the battery @0.2C to
reach 42.0V. Then charge the battery at constant 42.0V voltage until the
charging current decreasing to 0.02C. Rest for 10 min. discharge to 30.0V@ 0.2C
and rest for 10 min. Continue the charge/discharge cydes until discharge
capacity lower than 80% of rated capacity. Cycles life M300
Storage Charge the battery to 40%~65% of its rated capacity using standard
charging mode, then keep it in an 20t ± 5*C, humidity 45% ~ 85% room for 12
months, fully charge and discharge it @0.2C until voltage down to 30.0V.
Discharge time>210min
(The testing sample should be within 3 months dated from production date)
Mechanical Performance
Content Testing method Requirements
Vibration Test After standard charging, put battery on the vibration table. 30
min experiment from X, Y, Z axis. Scan rate: 1oct/min; Frequency 10-30Hz, Swing
0.38mm; Frequency 30-55Hz, Swing 0.19mm. No influence to batteries'
electrical performance and appearance.
Drop Test Random drop the battery from 1.0m height onto wood board 2
times. No explosion or fire

10S4P Electric Bicycle Battery Pack 0

10S4P Electric Bicycle Battery Pack 1

Delivery Time:

- Material Preparation Time: 7-15 days (or inventory)

- Production & Assembly Time 3-10 days

- Testing & Packaging Time: 2-10 days

- Total Delivery Time: 30-45days

- The faster delivery could be negotiable.
10S4P Electric Bicycle Battery Pack
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