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12L14 Steel 12L14 Steel Product Hot Rolled 12L14 Steel Factory Price

12L14 is a lead-sulfur composite free-cutting structural steel. In lead free-
cutting steel, lead is distributed in the steel as tiny elemental metal
particles and does not solidify in the steel. During the cutting process,
strong friction occurs between the tool and the workpiece, making the lead
particles in the steel molten. Precipitation, thereby playing a lubricating
role to improve the cutting performance of steel, making steel chips fine,
reducing tool wear, and ultimately prolonging tool life. Compared with lead-
free steel, the cutting performance of lead-containing steel can be improved by
20-50%, while the mechanical properties and heat treatment performance remain
basically unchanged, and it has no effect on cold and hot workability and
weldability. Lead free-cutting steel has been widely used in the manufacture of
precision instrument parts, auto parts, and important parts of various
machinery. However, lead free-cutting steel has low contact fatigue, so it is
not suitable for gears, bearings and other parts that bear heavy fatigue stress
12L14 has a tendency to be replaced by it. Its cutting performance is also very
good. Suitable for more severe occasions where 12L14 cannot be used.
1. Good processing performance of easy-car iron: the product has smooth
cutting, excellent material, stable processing,
The metallographic structure is good, the chemical composition is stable, the
deviation is small, the steel is pure and clean, and it is not easy to damage
the tool;
It is very easy to cut on the lathe, and the tool life and production
efficiency are increased by 40%;
2. Good electroplating performance: cutting is very easy; deep holes can be
drilled, deep grooves can be milled, etc.; processing efficiency
Compared with ordinary steel, it can be greatly improved; the electroplating
performance of the product is good, it can replace copper products, and greatly
reduce the product cost;
3. Easy car iron has good smoothness: the surface finish of the workpiece after
turning is good;
4. Eco-friendliness of Yichetie: It complies with the EU SGS environmental
certification standard and has passed the Swiss environmental certification.
Products can be exported to machinery and equipment: woodworking machinery,
ceramic machinery, papermaking machinery, glass machinery, food machinery,
Construction machinery, plastic machinery, textile machinery, jacks, hydraulic
presses, etc.; electrical product components: motor shafts,
Fan shafts, sewing machine shafts, etc.; furniture: especially export metal
furniture, such as tea tables, chairs, outdoor furniture;
Metal utensils: garden tools, barbecue grids, screwdrivers, anti-theft locks,
etc.; small hardware parts: such as guide rails,
Machine keys, nuts, screws, round nails, hexagonal nails and octagonal nails
and various standard parts of different specifications; automobiles,
Motorcycle spare parts and so on.

Songshun specialized in Special Steel for almost 20 years. We can supply mold
steel, high speed steel, alloy steel, free cutting steel and etc.Welcome your
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12L14 Steel  12L14 Steel Product  Hot Rolled  12L14 Steel Factory Price
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