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12V Battery Charger

Alrightpower, as a professional manufacturer specializing in universal battery
charger, supplies quite good 12 volt rechargeable battery with charger. And the
price of our small portable chargers for sale is relatively cheap. Our 12 volt
DC to DC car battery is especially popular among customers due to its
attractive modern design. Alrightpower also provides 12 volt intelligent
programmable charger for deep cycle battery.

With advanced Single-chip microcomputer (MCU) four stage smart charging
technology, our dual digital 12V 15A battery charger can use different charging
modes according to different types of battery and can trace the charging
process correctly. Our 12 volt fast input charger can be for lifepo4 batteries,
lead acid batteries, lithium ion phosphate battery pack, and so on. Application
of Alrightpower industrial 12 volt DC solar battery with charger: for auto
car,small toy bike, electric bicycles,trailer, tricycles, scooters, power tools
forklift, ground washer, motorcycle, marine boat, mobile phone, golf cart, lawn
mower,sightseeing car, cleaning car, low speed car and various other kinds of

Bellowing is our main 12V battery chargers for your reference:

90W battery charger: mainly output is 12V 6A

120W battery charger: mainly output is12V 8A

180W battery charger: mainly output is 12V 12A

240W battery charger: mainly output is 12V 16A

360W battery charger: mainly output is 12V 15A

600W battery charger: mainly output is 12V 25A

900W-1500w battery charger: mainly output is 12V 60A

Types of 12V Battery Charger
90W 12V 6A Battery Charger
120W 12V 8A Battery Charger
180W 12V 12A Battery Charger
240W 12V 16A Battery Charger
360W 12V 15A Battery Charger
600W 12V 25A Battery Charger
900W-1500W 12V 60A Battery Charger

Features of 12V Battery Charger
Advance Single-chip microcomputer (MCU) four stage smart charging technology.

Worldwide input & Frequency: 100V~240V; 45-65 HZ

Protections: Short circuit protection, Over-voltage protection, Over-
temperature protection, Reverse Polarity protection

100% full load burn-in test.

Light weight portable aluminum casing

Types of Battery Charger

Image Model Description Typical output
AP-PN90CHXXXXYYYYY 90W Battery charger 12V 6A, 24V 3A,
36V 2A, 48Volt 1.5Amp
AP-PN120CHXXXXYYYYY 120W Battery charger 12V 8A, 24V 4A ,
36V 2.5A, 48V 2A
AP-PN180CHXXXXYYYYY 180W Battery Charger 12V 12A, 24V 6A,
36V 4A, 48Volt 3Ah

240W Battery charger 12V 16A, 24V 8A,
36V 6A, 48V 4A

360W Battery charger 12V 15A, 24V 10A,
36V 7A, 48Volt 6Amp

600W Battery charger 12V 25A, 24V 20A,
36V 15A,48V 12A,
60V 10A,72V 8A
Battery charger 12V 60A,24V 30A,
36V20A,48V 15A
60V12A,72Volt 10Ah
Battery charger 24V 45A, 36V 30A ,
48V 24A, 60V 18A
72V 15A, 72V 25A

3600W Battery charger 24V 120A, 36V 100A,
48V 70A, 60V 60A,
72Volt 50Amp

FAQs of Battery Charger
Is your Battery Charger are safe to use?

All our battery chargers such as the high quality 72v battery charger meet the
requirements of safety approvals and products itself with all kinds of
protections: over voltage protection, over current protection. Polarity error
protection, Over power protection.

What is your warranty policy for Battery charger?

Our battery charger warranty is 1 years. High quality is one of our advantages
which makes our power adapter sells well around the world.

What kinds of Battery Charger your factory can offer?

According to Battery Type, Alrightpower, a professional battery charger
manufacturer, can offer lithium battery chargers for LiFePO4, Li-ion, Li-
polymer batteries and Lead-Acid Battery chargers for SLA, silicon, AGM

According to applications, we can offer electric bicycles Battery Charger,
Skateboard Battery Charger, Motorcycle Battery Charger, Lawnmower Battery
Charger, Golf-cart Battery Charger and forklift battery charger.

What is your the charging Process of lithium battery chargers?

Stage 1: The floating charging phase (Trickle charge)

Stage 2: The constant current charging phase. The charging current remains
constant, the charging power increases rapidly. (CC MODE )

Stage 3: The constant Voltage charging phase (CV MODE )

Stage 4: Cut off charging

Shen Zhen Shi Alrightpower Technology Co., Ltd is a professional 12v battery
charger suppliers, we provide power supplies custom, 12v battery charger
design, 12v battery charger wholesale, , programmable 12v battery charger, good
12v battery charger, charge 24v battery bank with 12v charger, charge 12v
battery with laptop charger, wall mount power supply and etc.

Minimum Order: 1 sets

12V Battery Charger
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