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1hp 0.75KW Pond Paddle Wheel Aerator Aquaculture Aerator

1hp Aerator 1hp Fish Farming Aquaculture Aerator Paddle Wheel Areators Aerating
A Pond

With the continuous development of aquaculture fisheries, intensive high-
yielding aquaculture technology has been widely used, fishery farming increased
significantly. In the process of aquaculture production increase, aerator has
become an essential equipment to achieve high-yield fisheries intensive, plays
an important role in the development of fishery economy. Reasonable use of
oxygen machine can effectively increase the dissolved oxygen in the pool water,
accelerate the pond water body material circulation, reduce or eliminate
harmful substances, and promote plankton breeding. For the prevention and
mitigation of fish floating head, to prevent flooding and improve pond water
quality conditions, increase the amount of fish fed and increase yield and so
have a good role in promoting.

Because of its light, easy to operate and single aerator function, it is
generally suitable for the water depth below 0.7 meters, the area below 0.6 mu
of fish fry breeding ponds or greenhouse ponds. With the continuous refinement
of the fishery demand and the continuous improvement of the aerator machine
technology, there are many new aerator machine, such as: spurting aerator
machine, spray aerator machine and other specifications of the aerator machine.

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