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Contact: leo li
Company: Bais Chemical Technology Co., Ltd
No. 118 Dongganglu Road, Yuhang District, P. R. China 311100, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Hangzhou City 311100
Phone: 15990017001
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Date/Time:  8/31/23 6:10 GMT

2, 5-Dimercapto-1, 3, 4-Thiodiazole Bismuththiol Dmtd CAS 1072-71-5

Product Name: 2, 5-Dimercapto-1,3,4-thiodiazole

Brand name: DMTD

CAS No.: 1072-71-5

Product appearance: Powder

Product color: Yellow

product usage:Its chemical name is Bismuththiol, DMTD has good extreme
pressure performance and antiwear when used in lubricant oil and
metalworking fluid, also used for metal-deactivating purpose, in addition,
it can be used as pharmaceutical intermediates. Runlube DMTD is a general
purpose of lubricant additive and it has advantage of low cost.

Store in accordance with local regulations. Store in a segregated and
approved area Store in original container protected from direct sunlight in a
dry, cool and well-ventilated area. Maximum temperature should not exceed
Keep container tightly closed and sealed until ready for use.

Appearance White to yellow powder
Assay, % ≥96
Loss on drying, % ≤0.5
Residue on ignition,% ≤0.5
Melting point, ºC ≥160

Product package: 25kg/drum or 50kg/drum with pallet
Shipping:by sea

Q: What's your MOQ
A: our MOQ generally starts from 1kg

Q: Can I get some samples?
A: Of course, You need to pay a certain fee, but if your order is large, or if
you are willing to cooperate with us for a long time, we can provide you with
free samples, you only need to pay the freight

Q: Is there any discount?
A: If the order quantity is relatively large or there is a good and long-term
trade cooperation with our company, we will provide a more favorable discount.

Q: How to start orders or make payments?
A: You can send our your Purchase order ( if your company has ), or just send a
simple confirmation by email or by Trade Manager, and we will send you Proforma
Invoice with our bank details for your confirmation. Payment by T/T
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