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2 Series PTO Shaft – Replacement of Bondioli & Pavesi PTO Shaft

The PTO shaft 2 Series is one of the types of power transmission devices
that transfers energy from an agricultural tractor or another source to an
engineered implement or attachment. It's an upgrade of the 1 Series PTO
shaft, made for applications where greater power and torque are needed. It
is the 2 Series PTO shaft comes with an increased diameter and higher torque
capacity when compared to its predecessor, the 1 Series PTO shaft. This
makes it ideal for industrial and heavy-duty agricultural applications.

Similar to the 1 Series PTO shaft, the 2 Series PTO shaft also includes six
primary components: the tractor end yoke and universal connection, the
intermediate tube safety shield, the splined yoke, and the yoke at the end
of the implement. The components are paired to create a stable powerful
power transmission.

This shaft was made with a larger torque capacity, which makes it suited for
uses such as large-scale tilling cultivation heavy-duty, and other tasks
that are highly demanded. It's also compatible with a wide range of
attachments and implements which includes those that are designed
specifically to work with us with the 1 Series PTO shaft. This versatility
makes it a preferred choice for people who own many different pieces of
equipment to run.

Overall The 2-Series PTO shaft offers an efficient and reliable power
transfer system for industrial and agricultural applications that are heavy-
duty. It's built to handle the demands of power applications with the goal
of ensuring operator safety and comfort to users.

#2 Series PTO Shaft Parts
There are a few main components that make up the 2 Series PTO shaft:

Tractor Yoke: This joins the PTO shaft onto the tractor's PTO output shaft,
which supplies the power for the rest part of the PTO shaft assembly.

Universal Joint - This component connects the yoke at the end of the tractor
with the tube that is intermediate permitting the transfer of power to an
attachment or implement and allowing some movement flexibility.

Intermediate Tube Intermediate Tube - This is a hollow tube made of metal
that connects the universal joint and the splined-yoke, giving stability and
support in the PTO shaft in its entirety.

Spline Yoke – This can be attached to an attachment or implement and has a
set of splines that connect with the female shaft that is connected to the
attachment or implement to allow an exchange of energy.

Safety Shield Safety Shield - A cover made of metal that covers the rotating
PTO shaft assembly, which prevents accidents due to entanglement by
protecting the driveline.

Implement End Yoke – This piece connects to the spline-yoke and transmits
power to the attachment or implement.

Together, these six components comprise what is known as the 2 Series PTO
shaft assembly. It is designed to handle higher-end applications and have
higher torque capacities when compared to the original 1 Series PTO shaft.
This makes it the 2 Series PTO shaft suitable to be used in challenging
tasks like huge-scale tilling, heavy-duty cultivation as well as other
applications that are in high demand. It can be used with a range of
attachments and implements, and is a reliable and effective power transfer

# Specifications of 2-Series PTO Shaft
This shaft has certain attributes that make it suitable for demanding tasks:

More torque capacity - The 2 Series PTO shaft is made to be able to handle
greater torque capacity when compared to that of the 1 Series PTO shaft.
This makes it ideal for heavy-duty applications.

The wide array of compatibility is Its 2 Series PTO shaft is compatible with
a variety of attachments and implements which makes it a versatile tool that
is appropriate for a range of uses.

Reliable power transfer - the 2 Series shaft for PTO offers an efficient and
reliable method to transfer energy from a tractor into an machine or

Safety enhanced A higher level of safety - Safety - The 2 Series PTO shaft
is made with safety in mind. It comes by using a metal shield that covers
the shaft's rotating assembly, shielding the user from dangers of

Durable, long-lasting performance This 2 Series PTO shaft is designed to
stand up to the requirements of heavy-duty applications which makes it a
long-lasting equipment for industrial and agricultural operations.

Overall overall, the 2- Series PTO shaft offers an efficient, reliable and
secure option to power equipment and attachments in industrial and
agricultural environments.

# Where is 2 Series' PTO Shaft Most Often Utilized?
This 2 Series shaft is often used in a range of agricultural machines due to
its torque rating that is high along with its durability and versatility. A
few of the particular machines for agriculture that can be used with the 2
Series PTO Shaft can be utilized in are:

Tractors 2 Series PTO shafts are typically employed in large tractors that
require high torque and the capability to handle large-duty equipment.

Balers - Balers to bale straw or hay typically require a high power output,
as well as the PTO 2 Series shaft gives the torque required for this task.

Mowers - Mowers that are used in large-scale operations usually require the
strength that are provided by the two Series PTO shaft to provide the power
required to cut the vast amount of grass, weeds and other plants.

Cultivators need a high degree of power and torque generated by PTO shafts.
PTO shaft to cultivate the soil and prepare the soil for planting.

Harvesters - The larger harvesters, employed in commercial operations,
require the force of the PTO shaft 2 Series to perform the task of
harvesting crops such as wheat, corn and soybeans.

Overall The 2 Series shaft provides the necessary strength and flexibility
that is required for many agricultural uses and is a crucial component of
high-powered agricultural machinery.

2 Series PTO Shaft for Balers
2 Series PTO Shaftshaft for Rotary Tiller 2-Serie PTO Shaft to Rotary
#Agricultural PTO Shaft for Agricultural Gearboxes
A farm's PTO (power take-off) shaft is a crucial component of any farming
venture that requires the use of machines. Its PTO shaft is constructed to
transfer the power from a tractor into different agricultural tools such as
harvesters, mowers, and tillers.

PTO shafts for agricultural use are usually utilized to complement
agricultural gearboxes. These agricultural gearboxes assist in control how
much torque is applied to the PTO shaft, which ensures that the machine is
operating at a suitable speed and force.

There are a variety of important aspects to be considered when selecting an
agricultural PTO shaft application with gearboxes for agricultural use.

Length Length - The length of the PTO shaft must be considered with care to
ensure a proper fit to the agricultural gearbox and equipment.

Spline Size - the spline dimension on the PTO shaft and the agricultural
gearbox must be in line to ensure an efficient rotation and power transfer.

Torque rating A shaft's torque ratings shaft must be appropriate to the job
that is being carried out.

Tractor horsepower The tractor's horsepower must be considered when deciding
on the best PTO shaft of the tractor along with the appropriate agricultural

Other factors to consider when choosing the best agricultural PTO shaft are
the ease of maintenance safety features, as well as general quality. A top-
quality agriculture PTO shaft correctly maintained and used will provide
years of reliable service for an agricultural operation.

Minimum Order: 50 pieces

2 Series PTO Shaft – Replacement of Bondioli & Pavesi PTO Shaft
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