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20CrMnTiH Steel Carburized 20CrMnTiH Steel make transmission gears

20CrMnTi is carburized steel, and carburized steel is usually low-carbon steel
with a carbon content of 0.17%-0.24%. It is often used to make transmission
gears in automobiles. It is a Cr Mn Ti steel among medium-hardenability
carburizing steels. It has high hardenability, and especially has high low-
temperature impact toughness under the condition of ensuring hardenability.
20CrMnTi surface carburizing hardening steel. Good processability, small
processing deformation, good fatigue resistance. The main uses are: used for
shafts, piston parts and various special parts of automobiles and aircrafts.

It is a good carburizing steel with high hardenability. After carburizing and
quenching, it has a hard and wear-resistant surface and a tough core. It has
high low temperature impact toughness, moderate weldability, and machinability
after normalizing. good. It is used to manufacture important parts with a
cross-section <30mm that withstand high-speed, medium or heavy loads, impact
and friction, such as gears, ring gears, gear shaft crossheads, etc. It is a
substitute steel for 18CrMnTi, widely used as carburized parts, in the
automobile and tractor industry, it is used for important carburized parts with
a cross-section below 30mm, bearing high speed, medium or heavy load, impact
and friction, such as gears, shafts and ring gears .Gear shafts. Main shafts of
sliding bearings. Crossheads. Dog clutches. Worms, etc.

What we do?
We specialized in steel as a professional steel manufacturer and supplier, and
also can give you technical advice and support for your business base on our
professional technical knowledge.

Because of our great and reliable quality and professional service in this
field, our market is all around the world. Including Canada, Australia, Brazil,
Turkey, Malaysia, Vietnam, Iran, Pakistan, UK and etc.

At Songshun, we believe: You Get What You Pay for.

Internationally, while someone seems to be lost in the desire to Chinese steel,
others take an opposite attitude. Under the trend of economic globalization, we
believe that high-quality steel is definitely not at a low price. As long as
you can communicate with us with your heart, we will do our best to give you
the best results.

We see that as an opportunity: We’re excited to cooperate with customers from
all around the world to change the impression for Chinese steel of other
people. ,
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Songshun Facebook:Songshun Steel
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Minimum Order: 1 kilograms

20CrMnTiH Steel  Carburized 20CrMnTiH Steel make transmission gears
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