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24V Lithium Ion Battery 200Ah

How long will a 24v 200ah lithium ion battery?
In general, the runtime of a 200Ah battery depends on the chemistry of the
battery and the size of the load attached to the battery. Battery temperature
and discharge rate also affect the life of the battery, but it is the load and
usage that drives the life of the battery.

The two main battery types in this size range are lead acid batteries and 24v
lithium ion battery 200ah. In comparison, 24V 200Ah lithium battery (lifepo4
battery) offer high temperature resistance, safety stability, suitable price,
high capacity density and up to 2000+ cycles.

Should lithium batteries be stored fully charged?
If the high voltage is not used for a long time, lithium ion battery monomer
with gas will be produced and start to collect. If the battery is completely
discharged and then stored, it may cause complete damage to the battery, while
if the battery is completely charged and then stored, it may reduce the storage
capacity of the battery and shorten the life of the battery. Assuming that the
device will not need to use the battery for a long period of time, to protect
the battery function, please perform shallow charging and discharging at
regular intervals.

Specifications of 200ah 24v lithium battery
Model 8S206Ah-PC01-A
Chemistry Lithium Battery Pack
Nominal Voltage 24V
Nominal Capacity 206AH
Charge Current ≤120A
Discharge Current ≤120A
Cycle Life @80% DOD >2000cycles
Charge Temperature 0 to 55ºC
Discharge Temperature -20 to 60ºC
Storage Temperature -20 to 35ºC (3 months)
Storage Relative Humidity 60±25%
BMS Integrated
Weight 50Kg
Size W*H*L(mm) L750mm*W160mm*H400mm
Communication Protocol RS485&RS232
OEM/ODM Support Customize

*The above data is for reference only. CONTACT US for customized solutions.

PACE focus on the research and development, integration, and sales of BMS and
lithium battery packs. Such as lifepo4 pack, custom lithium ion battery pack,
48v robot battery, etc.

Minimum Order: 1 pieces

24V Lithium Ion Battery 200Ah
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