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2k injection molding

2k injection molding is one type of injection mold. It is also named as two
shot molding, double shot molding, double-color mold, Multi-material, or multi-
component injection mold. 2k injection molding consists of two different
plastic materials and colors.

With over 15 years mold making experience, we also specialized in making 2k
plastic injection moulding. Here we always have a professional team who can
help you make assessments and build personal 2k injection services project
solutions for you at any time. Based on your part design, we are able to
provide the best price 2k injection services solution with high-quality
products. Rotary Platen Two Shot Molding and Core Toggle Two Shot Molding are
our main 2k injection services. Affordable prices and quick lead time are our
competitive advantage for 2K injection molding.

What is 2K Molding?
2K injection molding, also named a double injection, two-color injection
molding, or 2 shot molding, 2k injection molding process used to produce molded
parts from two different materials with two colors.

As the 2K moulding factories, we operate 2K injection molding at one machine
and perform two injections in one cycle. For the first cycle, plastic material
is injected into a mold. Then rotated automatically and mix another property of
plastic which was injected into the mold by the second nozzle.

2K injection molding integrates two different grad materials like hard and soft
material to make a perfect combination with production. Two color injection
molding is widely used in a variety of industries and it also allows for using
clear plastics, colored patterns, and new style designs which help to make
functionality products and reach marketplace value.

2K Mold Design
2K mold design is a pivotal factor for molding success. Followings are factors
that will make an influence 2k molding: dimensioning and location of the sprue
gates, dimensioning of shear edges, flow aids, cooling and ejector techniques,
etc. Here at Packson 2k moulding factories, we keep making good 2K mold designs
and we are committed to making durable mold that is highly efficient operating
and easy to make maintenance and molding production.

The followings are the points that we need to consider during 2K mold design:

Shrinkage of plastic material

Wall thickness

Cavity Numbers

Plastic material flow systems-Runner and Gate

Cooling system for around cavity and core

Ejection System

Air venting

Applications of 2K Injection Moulding
2K injection molding is perfect for combinations of hard and soft plastics and
also if you want to process 2 colors of plastic in one product.

2K injection molding is a good way for you if you want to combine two different
materials like hard material and soft material into one product by injection
molding processing. We create full products in 2 steps by two color injection
molding. The most common example made by 2K injection molding is bicycle
handlebar, automotive button, toothbrushes with hard handle and soft handle
piece, medical diagnosis machine control button, etc.

2K Molding Design Guide
The 2K injection molding allows us to integrate multiple properties into one
product: for instance, layered products, combinations of hard and soft plastic
for making different color combinations.

The 2K injection molding allows us to combine two different properties of the
material with hard and soft plastic for making two different colors.

Advantages Of 2K Injection Moldingļ¼š

One-stop finished part without secondary processing and assembly steps

Excellent adhesion to the plastic part

Quick cycle times

The high degree of automation

High efficiency

Stable molding processes

Low-cost molding

As one of the most professional 2k molding factories, Packson Mold provides
custom molding services, lsr molding and etc. We have amassed considerable
experience and understanding of the practical possibilities in this field.
Contact us to know more.

Minimum Order: 1 sets

2k injection molding
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