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3015H Exchange Bed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

3015H Exchange Bed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Fiber laser cutting machine is a laser cutting machine that uses a fiber laser
generator as a light source. Fiber laser cutting machine can be plane cutting
can also be bevel cutting processing, and the edge is neat, smooth, suitable
for metal plate and other high-precision cutting processing, at the same time,
the increase of the manipulator can be three-dimensional cutting, instead of
the original imported five axis laser. Xinquanli is a professional manufacturer
of laser cutting machines.

The product description
It is an exchange bed with two cutting tables that can be switched
automatically. When one is cropped, the other can be loaded or unloaded.
Greatly save loading and unloading time, improve work efficiency, save cost,
can be used for mass production of cutting.

Fiber advantage
Cost advantage:

1. Air compressor can be used to cut metal plates.

2. Service life is 100,000 hours.

3. Two-year warranty for laser light source.

4. Simple control system.

Environmental protection and energy saving:

1. Higher electro-optic conversion rate: The electro-optic conversion rate of a
fiber cutting machine is about 30%, three times that of a carbon dioxide fiber
cutting machine.

2. Higher cutting speed and efficiency, 2 times faster than YAG or CO2 laser.

3. Low cost: the power consumption of the machine is 20%-30% of that of CO2
laser with the same power

Cutting machine, which consumes 0.5 to 1.5 W of electricity per hour, is very
easy to maintain: no need to adjust the light path.
3015H Exchange Bed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
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