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Date/Time:  8/1/22 9:02 GMT

30KW High Power AC DC Converter IP20 AC DC Bidirectional Converter

With off- grid/grid-connected switching function. High dynamic response, full
load switching time as low as 10ms;
With islanding protection (settable), intelligent forward and backward
operation to improve system reliability;
With multiple modes of constant voltage, constant current, constant resistance
and constant power;
With output programmable function, can simulate a variety of power supply and
load characteristic curve;
Modular design, easy to expand capacity;
Intelligent grid-connected operation, bidirectional high power factor,
bidirectional low harmonic current, can effectively improve the quality of the
power grid;
Set bidirectional DC power supply and feedback electronic load function
characteristics in one, intelligent forward and backward operation, power and
load seamless switch;
Wide output voltage range: 50Vdc ~ 950Vdc, high precision and fast dynamic
The intelligent DSP design realizes the full digital control of the energy
storage converter module and determines the high reliability of the control;
Touch screen operation control, simple and intuitive;
Multiple safety protection, input over and under voltage protection, output
anti-reverse connection protection, short circuit protection,over temperature
protection, air duct abnormality detection, etc.
ANE 30kW module is a bidirectional AC-DC module specially developed for battery
test equipment and microgrid and energy storage system, AC-DC analog power
supply, feedback electronic load, electric vehicle charge-discharge equipment
and energy storage equipment, which adopts the latest optimized hardware
design, advanced control algorithm and advanced manufacturing process.
Compatible with almost all energy storage equipment charging and discharging
requirements. This module has the advantages of ultra-wide constant power
range, excellent low-voltage constant current capability, high weighted
efficiency in full power range, large limit temperature working range, and
minimal standby power consumption, etc. The system operation is safer, more
reliable, more economical and more adaptable to the environment.
30KW High Power AC DC Converter IP20 AC DC Bidirectional Converter
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