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Contact: Mrs. Sun
Company: Suzhou Dengmihui Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
Floor 4, Building B, Baodai Science and Technology Park, No. 988, Wusong Road, Wuzhong District, Suzhou
suzhou 215000
Phone: 86-132-18172900
Fax: 86-132-18172900
E-Mail: Send Inquiry 1st year
Date/Time:  6/28/23 10:24 GMT

3528 Series Flexible LED Strip Light 12v To 24V 2400 To 7000K

Description of LED Strip 3528 Series

From the perspective of market demand, LED light strips are more and more
widely embedded in various fields. In recent years, with the increasing demand
in interior decoration, advertising production, architectural lighting and
other fields, the market demand for LED strips has also begun to show explosive
growth. At the same time, the function and form of LED light strips are also
constantly upgraded, and the application level is constantly expanding.

1. High brightness: Compared with traditional lighting products, LED light
strips have higher brightness and can provide better lighting effects under the
same power.

2. Low power consumption: Under the same lighting requirements, LED light
strips consume relatively less power, saving electricity costs.

3. Long service life: Compared with traditional lamps, LED light strips have a
longer service life. In general, the frequency of replacing lamps and
maintenance costs can be reduced.

4. Rich colors: Compared with traditional lighting products, LED light strips
can provide a variety of color options according to needs, and can also provide
different brightness adjustments according to needs. These functions show that
the LED light strip can meet the needs of various lighting effects.

5. Environmental protection and energy saving: In the manufacturing process of
LED light strips, there is no need to use a variety of harmful substances, and
at the same time, the power of LED light tubes can be converted into light
energy, reducing environmental pollution.
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