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Date/Time:  7/6/22 3:30 GMT

6.5L Oil Rust Degreasing Gear Parts DPF Mother Board Metal Mold Ultrasound

Deep cleaning oil rust fast removes with ultrasonic cleaner.

Dial design more durable long life time.

Daily cleaning and do maintain with gear parts/ DPF/ motherboard/ metal mold..

1. Extremely high surface cleanliness of parts: realize the thorough cleaning
of butter, gum and other dirt on the inner and outer surfaces of automobiles,
locomotives, aircraft bearings, gears and other complex components to achieve a
refurbished cleaning effect;

2. Greatly improve the cleaning efficiency: the cleaning time can be greatly
shortened compared with the traditional cleaning method. Good economy: one-
tenth of the cost of gasoline brushing;

3. Superior environmental performance: water-based cleaning agent is used to
replace solvents such as gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, etc., which is safe and
environmentally friendly;

4. The best ultrasonic configuration: support high-intensity, long-term
operation, the most advanced IGBT high-power integrated power supply, imported
component transducers, unique bonding process, the vibrator will never fall
off; the ultrasonic power is steplessly adjustable;

5. The control cabinet and the host can be combined arbitrarily, the water and
electricity are completely separated, and the operation is completely reliable.
Automatic temperature control timing system, the use cost is the lowest;
6.5L Oil Rust Degreasing Gear Parts DPF Mother Board Metal Mold Ultrasound
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