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8 Ton Remote Control Lithium Battery Accumulator Locomotive

8 Ton Remote Control Lithium Battery Accumulator Locomotive
Battery electric locomotive is a kind of track traction equipment powered by
batteries, which is generally used in mines. There are two types of battery
electric locomotives, explosion-proof type and ordinary type. The explosion-
proof type is mainly used in coal mines. There are also many options in terms
of speed regulation and braking methods. Speed control methods include
resistance speed control, chopping speed control and frequency conversion speed
control. Braking methods include pure mechanical braking, hydraulic braking and
compressed air braking. In addition, electric braking can also be selected as
an auxiliary braking method.
Adhesive / total weight (t) : 8 ton
Track gauge (mm) : 600.762.900
Traction (KN) : 11.18Max. Traction (KN) 19.62
Speed(km/h) : 6.2
Battery Voltage (V) : 110v
Battery Capacity (Ah) : 370
Power (KW) : 11 KWx2
Dimensions Length(mm) : 4250
Width(mm) : 1050,1212or 1350
Height(mm) : 1600
Wheelbase (mm) : 1100
Wheel diameter (mm) : 680
Min Curve radius (m) : 7
Controller : Resistencia or IGBT
Braking method : Mechanical

Advantages of our product
1.Using high-quality steel plates, special rust removal process make sure it
more anti-corrosion and suitable for harsh mining environment.
2. Producing motors ourselves, using high lever insulation material and pure
copper, ensure the powerful traction force, and suitable for harsh mining
3.Gear anastomosis surface to reach more than 80%, which is far more exceeding
the standard.
4.Professionally designed and adjusted frame ensure safe driving and avoids
falling off rails.
5.A variety of braking methods can be choose, air brake, hydraulic brake,
electric brake, mechanical brake to ensure the safety drive.
6. 40 years richful experience with the ability to design and make customized
product according to your requirements.
7. Proving factory online-visiting

Mining Locomotive test
1.Before Running the locomotive,carry out gear debugging, lighting, gear, and
brake adjustment etc.To ensure the normal operation of the locomotive.
2.Carry out a tensile test before leaving the factory to ensure the load
performance of the locomotive meets the standard. Our design standards
generally exceed the national standard by 10%-20%.
3.Carry out different type running test before leaving the factory to ensure
the performance and normal operation of the whole locomotive. It can adapt to
various harsh conditions under simulated working conditions.
Motor test
The motor has to go through many inspection procedures before leaving the
factory, and each motor has to be carried out with load running experiments.
Explosion-proof motors are carried out with water pressure test.
All the test of motor is to ensure that can adapt to harsh working conditions.

Minimum Order: 1 sets

8 Ton Remote Control Lithium Battery Accumulator Locomotive
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