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Date/Time:  4/20/21 9:08 GMT

A Real Thermally Conductive Structural Epoxy Adhesive For Your Battery Pack

How should we select Al or Al-plastic film in “cell to pack” structure of blade-like battery and “811”battery? GLPOLY thermally conductive structrual adhesive is overturning the market.

With the boom of “cell to pack” structure of battery pack, a dramatic increase in energy density raised. But battery pack thermal management is lagging behind. In such a situation, GLPOLY has launched XK-D series of thermally conductive structural adhesive to solve thermally conductive and bonding strength problems of “cell to pack” battery pack.

Here is the analysis for your reference.
1) According to our DFEAM , when the Al-plastic film used, we found that the bonding strength of Al-plastic film is less than 1.0MPa, “Al-plastic film” structural battery pack will be destroyed, even cause explosion easily in disaster impact. Al-Al is the best for reliability, security and enviromental adaptability, even the cost.
2) At present, there is a dozen varieties of three kind of categories, including”Al-Epoxy film”, “Al-PVC film” and “Al-Acrylic film” at least, even more fake products.

3) Cost: “Al-Al” structure is the most economical way at present.
4) More seriously, many engineers deemed that thermally conductive epoxy adhesive is brittle and raised resistance to our XK-D series of thermally conductive epoxy adhesive. Actually, our XK-D products provide a better elasticity than nylon.

5) Some engineers prefered Polyurethane based thermally conductive adhesive to Epoxy based thermally conductive structural adhesive. If the “Al-Plastic film” was not abandoned, the polyurethane could not bring you any benefits too. This will offer market space to fake products.

GLPOLY two-component thermally conductive structural adhesive has been applied to celle to pack battery pack in several car makers and battery pack manufacturers.

GLPOLY has partnered with dJI, Huawei Marine, DT Mobile, Han’s Laser etc top-class brands, providing high performance thermal interface materials for them to protect their brand reputation for performance and reliability.

Minimum Order: 10 pieces

A Real Thermally Conductive Structural Epoxy Adhesive For Your Battery Pack
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