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Date/Time:  12/6/21 2:02 GMT

A Type Chicken Layer Cage

We are one of the most professional Chicken Layers Cages manufacturers and
suppliers from China. Whether you have a medium or large chicken farm, or
even a small chicken farm, we can provide a complete set of equipment for
your poultry farm and provide corresponding solutions.
Advantages and disadvantages of Ruikang Chicken Layer Cages
1. Large breeding density, saving housing and land. In the same ground and
building, the cage can raise three to five times more layers than the flat
cage. The layers can be mechanized and automated, and the labor efficiency
is high.
2. High feed utilization rate. Chickens have less activity in the Cages For
Chickens, consume less energy, consume less feed, and have a higher feed
return rate than flat feed. At the same time, because the trough is placed
outside the cage, it is not easy to cause waste of feed.
3. Promote the prevention and control of disease transmission. Laying hens
are kept in cages, there is little dust in the house, and the chicken body
is not in contact with feces, which reduces the chance of disease
transmission. In addition, due to the relatively fixed position of the
chickens, it is easy to detect diseased chickens through changes in feces
and feed intake, so early measures can be taken.
4. High egg production rate and clean eggshell. The temperature and humidity
in the cage are easy to control, providing high-yield and stable living
conditions for the chickens. Eggs are not easily contaminated by feces after
laying, and the surface of the eggshell is relatively clean.
5. Laying hens are easy to take written management measures, such as
restricting feeding, observing the flock, production records and catching
A Type Chicken Layer Cage
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