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Date/Time:  5/11/22 6:00 GMT

AAK dares to say no to the low-cost hydraulic directional valves

Last Friday, I received an email from Shikha, an Indian hydraulic directional
valve customer. I was depressed all weekend and didn't even want to reply to
the email. In July last year, Shikha placed a trial order for a hydraulic
directional valve. Three months later, Shikha asked the price of the hydraulic
directional valve to be reduced by 40%, on the grounds that the order quantity
of the hydraulic directional valve is bigger now. At that time, we only reduced
the price by 5%, but Shikha forwarded the email of other manufacturer accepting
the price reduction to me. It means that if AAK hydraulic valve can not accept
the price reduction, the order will be placed with other hydraulic directional
valve manufacturer. It turned out that he tried the order at AAK and another
manufacturer at the same time last July.

Last week, Shikha contacted AAK again and asked us to accept the same price as
last time. I felt that the hydraulic directional valves he purchased from other
manufacturer was not smooth, then he turned back to AAK, so we insisted on the
original quotation and got his weird email on Friday: "Why does AAK have to
make money to make this hydraulic directional valve? Don't many manufacturers
in China make a few points of profit?"

Indeed, there are hydraulic directional valve manufacturers doing market common
products. The only thing they can do is to compete with low price, and then
make small moves under table in production. This is the involution of the
hydraulic valve industry. AAK does not want to accept such orders for hydraulic
directional valves, nor does it want to contact such customers.

No matter what enterprise, if it doesn't make money, it can't find its mission,
vision and values. If an enterprise deliberately creates its mission, vision
and values, it is illogical. If the enterprise doesn't make some money first,
where will these things come out of the mind? No matter how small an enterprise
is, it may not realize the value of the enterprise until it has a net profit of
at least one million yuan. For example, in what aspects has AAK hydraulic
valves created value for customers and brought additional benefits to
customers, as well as benefits that can not be given by hydraulic valve peers,
not to mention the R & D cost of hydraulic valves, production process upgrading
cost and equipment renewal cost. On the way of making money continuously, the
enterprise's mission, vision and values will be clearer until the enterprise's
mission, vision and values are slowly found and what the enterprise really
wants to say and do.

In the past few years, the conversion rate of AAK online inquiry is 17%. Does
this 17% seem not high enough? But AAK never does business for poor
enterprises. Our customers are concentrated in European and American brand
hydraulics, and their operation is standardized. As long as the quality of your
hydraulic valves is stable, it is really easy to discuss the hydraulic valve
project, rather than forcing the manufacturer to accept the low price of
hydraulic directional valves like Shikha.

AAK hydraulic valves, a group of people, a lifetime, one thing, let each user
use the hydraulic valves without trouble. Do a good job in the business of AAK
hydraulic valves and treat each hydraulic valve purchasing customer sincerely.
Let more customers use good hydraulic valves with real materials without
wasting money.

AAK hydraulic valves, whose customers are concentrated in European and American
brand hydraulics. You are welcome to try the order. , ail/hydraulic-directional-valves-aak195
 AAK dares to say no to the low-cost hydraulic directional valves
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