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AAK Hydraulic Cartridge Relief Valve High Precision Cylindricity

3 manufacturers made samples for a hydraulic cartridge relief valve but all
failed. AAK solved the problem in the first time, and the cylindricity is
within 0.002mm, and the hole accuracy is H7. 1 month after Juan received the
samples of AAK hydraulic cartridge relief valve, he sent an order for hydraulic
cartridge relief valve worth 12,000 dollars.

The processing of high-precision hydraulic cartridge relief valve, the
stability of its accuracy, and the processing efficiency have been criticized
by highly demanding customers. Although there are more than 200 hydraulic valve
manufacturers in Ningbo that can produce hydraulic cartridge relief valves,
there are too many problems from samples to mass production. Although Juan from
Argentina is an experienced purchaser, he has suffered 3 losses in selecting
high-precision hydraulic cartridge relief valve manufacturers. 3 cartridge
valve manufacturers took more than 6 months to make samples, but no one

Juan saw AAK website on B2B. After browsing the website of
AAK, he found that AAK has been cooperating with HydraForce, SUN Hydraulics and
other first-line hydraulic valve brands for a long time. Feeling the specialty
of AAK, he sent an email about a hydraulic cartridge relief valve. He specially
required that the cylindricity of the hydraulic cartridge relief valve is
within 0.002mm and the hole accuracy is H7.

I told Juan that AAK made samples of the hydraulic cartridge relief valve with
this type of cylindricity accuracy 5 years ago, and the customer's repurchase
rate was also high. Maybe Juan was worried and did not reply to the email
within 3 days. On the 5th day, he paid the development cost and asked AAK to
make samples. 2 weeks later, AAK sent 5 hydraulic cartridge relief valve
samples. 1 week later, Juan advised that AAK hydraulic cartridge relief valves
had been approved by their engineers, then there was no further news. 1 month
later, he suddenly sent a PO for this hydraulic cartridge relief valve worth
12,000 dollars.

The reason why AAK can produce high-precision hydraulic cartridge relief
valves, and the stability of precision and processing efficiency can be
recognized by customers, is due to the following 3 points:

1.For this hydraulic cartridge relief valve, AAK uses a honing machine with
sintered diamond tools for finishing.

2.We have additionally configured a tool magazine with 15 tool positions, which
can automatically change tools, and add deburring tools. The tool change time
is controlled within 10s, and the production efficiency can be more than 30%
higher than that of peers.

3.XY axis worktable can automatically change holes for multi hole processing.
The cylindricity before honing is 0.02mm, and the cylindricity after honing can
reach 0.002mm. The correction ability of cylindricity is improved to nearly 10

AAK hydraulic cartridge relief valve, not only high precision, you are welcome
to try! , l/hydraulic-cartridge-relief-valves-
AAK Hydraulic Cartridge Relief Valve High Precision Cylindricity
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