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AAK Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Cage Roughness and Roundness Control

Leo is a purchaser of a hydraulic equipment company in the United States. He
has been purchasing hydraulic cartridge valves from China for 2 years and
has been very smooth. However, in recent 2 weeks, he had a big headache due
to the cage accuracy of a hydraulic directional control valve purchased from
a hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer in China. Some of the valve cages
did not meet the roughness and roundness accuracy standards, which angered
his engineer. The engineer requires that the Ra value of each hydraulic
directional control valve cage be below 0.8 and the roundness tolerance be
within 1μm.
Leo found hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer AAK on Google and sent an
email asking if it is possible for AAK to ensure that the valve cage of each
hydraulic directional control valve is Ra0.8 or less, and the roundness
tolerance is within 1μm? After communication, it was learned that he
encountered the problem of unstable accuracy at the original hydraulic
cartridge valve manufacturer. According to the information provided by Leo,
this is a valve equivalent to SUN Hydraulics' standard part, but the
requirements for this valve cage are higher than that of SUN, in order to
compatible with their hydraulic equipment requirements.
Most hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers believe that accuracy comes
from production, not from inspection, so many of them overlook subsequent
inspections. Hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer AAK focuses on both. We
sent Leo a video on how AAK produces and inspects the valve cage of the
hydraulic directional control valve. After several rounds of communication,
Leo requested AAK to send samples. Yesterday, AAK sent out 6 samples of
hydraulic directional control valves for the test order.
From the video, it can be seen that the equipment for producing hydraulic
directional control valve cage is TSUGAMI fully automatic lathe from Japan,
with the advantage of stable machining accuracy and advanced measurement and
control systems. This is AAK's first-hand grasp, and the selection of
production equipment is the foundation. How to inspect the valve cage of the
hydraulic directional control valve is AAK's second-hand grasp. We use a
pneumatic measuring instrument to detect the roughness and roundness of the
inner hole, and each hydraulic directional control valve cage is inspected.
AAK hydraulic directional control valve, the quality is controlled with both
hands; you can also give it a try!

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AAK Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Cage Roughness and Roundness Control
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