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AAK hydraulic check valve with 3 high requirement used in military industry

Andrea is from a British hydraulic equipment company. At the beginning of last
year, they received an inquiry for hydraulic cylinders used in national defense
military equipment, which needed to use hydraulic check valves. The specific
requirements for the hydraulic check valve are: internal leakage 2drop/min,
surface roughness Ra 0.1-0.2μm, concentricity tolerance of valve spool and
valve hole is 0.005-0.01mm. These 3 requirements are more than twice as high as
the standard parts of hydraulic check valves. Andrea realized the difficulty of
purchasing, and contacted more than 10 hydraulic check valve manufacturers
online and offline. Except for an old supplier who had cooperated for several
years told her that he was 90% confident to meet the requirements, all other
manufacturers could not achieve these 3 requirements.

After 45 days, the hydraulic check valve sample was installed on the oil
cylinder, and less than 12 hours after commissioning, the hydraulic cylinder
was running unstably during reciprocating motion. During disassembly, the
engineer found that the hydraulic check valve had internal leakage, which
exceeded 2 drops/min, and the concentricity tolerance also exceeded 0.01mm
during testing. Andrea was helpless and had to continue to look for new
hydraulic check valve manufacturers. More than 1 week had passed, the
manufacturer had still not been confirmed yet. Andrea was urged by her boss and
got anxious.

Andrea browsed AAK website in Google and felt that AAK could help her. She sent
an email to ask about it, and we learned about the purchasing difficulties she
encountered. According to the hydraulic check valve drawing and the schematic
diagram of the whole hydraulic system provided by her, there are few hydraulic
valve manufacturers who can meet the accuracy requirements of this hydraulic
check valve. After discussion, our technical team replied to Andrea the next
day that AAK was able to develop this hydraulic check valve. The development
cost of this hydraulic check valve was at least US$2,000. 2 days later, Andrea
directly placed a trial order and paid the development fee.

45 days later, AAK sent 30 samples of hydraulic check valves. 1 month later,
Andrea told us that the test run was successful, and the boss was very
satisfied that she found AAK,
The success of AAK ultra-high precision hydraulic check valve lies on the
following 3 points, which is also why Andrea only found AAK to try this
hydraulic check valve.

1. AAK uses a precision honing machine imported from the United States. After
honing, the accuracy of the hydraulic check valve hole is IT7 ~ 4, and the
surface roughness Ra value can reach 0.1-0.2μm, so as to ensure that the
internal leakage reaches the requirement of 2 drops/min.

2. After processing, use the Mahr cylindricity meter imported from Germany to
accurately measure each part of the hydraulic check valve through EasyForm
software to ensure that the concentricity tolerance of each hydraulic check
valve spool and valve hole is less than 0.005mm.

3. AAK ultra-high precision hydraulic valve was used by a Russian customer in
the aviation field in 2019. That is already a fact, so the military industry is
not a problem, too.

AAK hydraulic check valve can be used in military industry. You can also have a
try! , etail/hydraulic-check-valve-aak288
AAK hydraulic check valve with 3 high requirement used in military industry
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