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AAK Hydraulic Manifold Tricks to Reduce Energy Consumption

Oleos is from a Spanish hydraulic equipment manufacturing company and has
cooperated with AAK for 3 years, mainly focusing on non-standard hydraulic
cartridge valves. At the beginning of this year, their customers complained
about the high energy consumption of excavators. Their engineer judged that the
performance of the original hydraulic manifold parameters had declined and
asked the original manufacturer to optimize them. 2 weeks later, there was no

Oleos contacted me. According to his hydraulic schematic diagram and original
hydraulic manifold design, AAK engineers had a basic idea after discussion, but
it would take time. Oleos said that he would be willing to wait even 1 year as
long as effective improvements can be made. AAK engineers finally improved the
structure after more than 2 months of continuous design adjustment. AAK sent 5
hydraulic manifold samples.

Last week, Oleos placed an order for 100 pcs of hydraulic manifolds. It was
reported that with AAK hydraulic manifold installed on the equipment, the
energy consumption decreased by 20%. AAK optimized the hydraulic manifold,
including pilot control valve group, 4 two-way plug-in wide control components,
valve block and its internal and external connections to form a four-way
hydraulic manifold control system, which has 3 features:

1. AAK hydraulic manifold adopts horizontal structure, with 4 main channels and
several pilot control channels, multiple internal mounting surfaces and 2
external mounting surfaces.

2. The top of the AAK hydraulic manifold block is equipped with a boss for
installation, a boss type step surface consisting of the boss and 2 parallel
finishing planes, a mounting surface of the boss's convex part, 2 groups of
pilot control valve groups are installed, and a mounting surface of the plane
with parallel boss planes is installed. First, 2 two-way cartridge valve
control components are installed, and a flange type control cover plate is

3. On the front of AAK hydraulic manifold block, two other two-way cartridge
valve control components are installed. The finishing mounting surfaces on the
left and right sides are provided with two control oil ports for the main
passage and connecting holes for installing bolts. The bottom and back of the
valve block are external mounting surfaces, which are used as the orifices and
connecting mounting surfaces of the output ports of the main channel, and
mounting surfaces for auxiliary installation and connection.

This optimized hydraulic manifold can ensure the maximum part of the control
requirements, including the differential circuit and flow regeneration, and is
conducive to the layout and direction selection of the input and output
pipelines. The most important thing is to greatly reduce the hydraulic
resistance and save the energy consumption of the system.

AAK hydraulic manifold has tricks to reduce energy consumption. You can also
try a small order! , ail/hydraulic-manifolds-aak451
AAK Hydraulic Manifold Tricks to Reduce Energy Consumption
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