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AAK Hydraulic Manifolds Unique Design to Improve Efficiency

Connor is from a Canadian agricultural machinery equipment company, mainly
responsible for purchasing hydraulic components. In the second half of last
year, the sales of one of their rotary tillers were poor. Users reported that
the equipment was insensitive and inefficient, and the fuel consumption was 10%
higher than that of the same type of equipment. The boss realized that there
were hidden dangers in the hydraulic manifolds and asked the engineers to check
the causes. However, more than 1 month had passed and there was no practicable
plan. The boss was worried and asked Connor to contact the original hydraulic
manifold manufacturer to see if they could provide technical support, but they
were only good at producing hydraulic manifolds according to the drawings.
Connor also asked all his manufacturers of hydraulic components, but none of
them gave a plan. When Connor reported these to his boss, he could only
helplessly look at his boss shaking his head.

Connor browsed AAK website, saw the display and introduction of hydraulic
manifolds, and left a message: what is the relationship between hydraulic
equipment with high energy consumption and slow response and hydraulic
manifolds? I understood that Connor had a problem with hydraulic manifolds, but
it was difficult to answer. After several communications, I learned that his
boss was worried, and Connor wanted to solve the problem that had plagued his
company for nearly 3 months.

According to the hydraulic manifold drawings and the video of rotary tiller
work sent by Connor, AAK engineers had discussion. The probability was that the
hydraulic manifold design had hidden problems. From the analysis of hydraulic
manifold and system schematic diagram, there were certain energy conflicts
between the design of some oil circuits and the selection of hydraulic valves.
AAK could redesign the hydraulic manifold to match their equipment. Connor also
readily paid the development cost. 1 month later, AAK sent the hydraulic
manifold samples. 2 months later, Connor said that after their rotary tiller
was installed with AAK hydraulic manifolds, it was responsive during operation.
The operation was more than 20% higher than before, and the fuel consumption
was also reduced by 20%. The customer feedback was good, and more and more
customers came to try it out.

Connor told me privately that he had seen his boss's long lost smile. The boss
paid more and more attention to him. He will be promoted to the management next

AAK hydraulic manifold has 3 advantages, and there may not be a second one in
1. AAK engineers have experience in hydraulic manifold design, especially in
oil circuit design. Ensure flow distribution as required, eliminate bypass
throttling loss and reduce energy loss. The sensitive oil circuit control makes
the equipment easy to control, sensitive and efficient.
2. Hydraulic manifold material selection and proportioning. The material
selection of each component from the valve block to the valve is based on the
working conditions. The selection and allocation of all valves in the manifolds
must comply with the energy principle under the condition that the system
principle is met, without robbing energy or wasting energy. Without more than
10 years' experience in hydraulic manifolds, it is difficult to master its
3. We make good use of MDTools software to design hydraulic manifolds. From
circuit logic to the functionality of each valve, we can do personalized design
and customized production of non-standard hydraulic manifolds.

AAK hydraulic manifold makes the equipment flexible, energy-saving and
efficient. You can also have a try! , l/hydraulic-manifolds-aak272
AAK Hydraulic Manifolds Unique Design to Improve Efficiency
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