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AAK Hydraulic Needle Valves with big aperture and accuracy below 1.0μm

Last Friday, we received an annual order of 3,600 hydraulic needle valves from
Paschalis, probably the new large-scale combine harvester of their company won
a large order at the exhibition. Paschalis is from Greece and has been
cooperating with AAK for 5 years. At the beginning of this year, the newly
developed harvester of their company plans to appear at the agricultural
machinery exhibition. In order to shorten the development time, they asked a
local hydraulic needle valve manufacturer to make samples. The test run was not
smooth, and the flow of the hydraulic system is unstable, resulting in the low
accuracy of the equipment action. Their engineer judged that the processing
accuracy of the orifice diameter of the hydraulic needle valves did not meet
the standard. The hydraulic needle valve manufacturer replied that this is a
large flow hydraulic needle valve, and the orifice is also a large aperture,
which is difficult to process. At present, the equipment can only guarantee the
accuracy like the sample.

Paschalis had to find a new supplier of hydraulic needle valves. And contacted
more than 10 local manufacturers. Most of them said that they are not able to
make the hydraulic needle valves with this kind of large aperture and accuracy
below 1.0μm. Only one manufacturer can guarantee it, but it takes 3 months to
develop, and will miss the exhibition. The engineer has pushed for the progress
for several times, but Paschalis has not determined the manufacturer yet, so he
is in a hurry.

His supervisor reminded him that purchasing hydraulic needle valves from
overseas may be faster and more awesome than domestic manufacturers. At this
moment, Paschalis thought of AAK, and immediately sent an email for inquiry,
with the hydraulic needle valve drawing attached, specifically stating that
this hydraulic needle valve has a large aperture, but the accuracy needs to be
within 1.0μm. Moreover, only 1 month can be given for development. After
discussion, our technical team replied that the samples would be sent within 30
days. 2 weeks after the samples were sent, Paschalis emailed us that their test
run was very smooth, and their engineers also specially tested the large
aperture of AAK hydraulic needle valves, all with an accuracy below 1.0μm.
Next, they can rest assured to hype it up at the exhibition, and AAK can wait
for the annual large order of the hydraulic needle valves.

In recent years, some customers of AAK have higher and higher requirements for
the accuracy of the large flow hydraulic needle valves with large aperture. Our
machining equipment, especially honing equipment, also keeps pace with the
times. At present, RS series single stroke sequential honing machine imported
from Switzerland adopts the casting structure of base, column and headstock,
with stable accuracy; Each spindle is equipped with a separate servo motor,
which can feed back torque in real time; The maximum honing diameter can reach
50mm and 80mm, the maximum honing depth can reach 150mm, the stroke speed is
20m/min, and the machining accuracy is as high as 0.5-0.8μm. It is especially
suitable for processing the large orifice of large flow and high-precision
hydraulic needle valves.

AAK hydraulic needle valve has defeated Greek hydraulic cartridge valve
manufacturers with accuracy. You can also have a small try! , l/hydraulic-needle-valves-aak308
AAK Hydraulic Needle Valves with big aperture and accuracy below 1.0μm
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