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AAK Hydraulic Pressure Control Valve 100% Leakage Free Skill

Phoebe comes from Greece, and has been purchasing hydraulic valves from Ningbo
for 2 years. At the end of last year, their hydraulic power unit required a
hydraulic pressure control valve, and Phoebe tested the sample from a cartridge
valve manufacturer that had been cooperating for 2 years. During debugging, the
equipment was unstable in operation, and it was found on site that it was
rooted in the internal cone angle error of the hydraulic pressure control valve
and the excessive axial grinding tolerance of the sealing circle. The original
hydraulic pressure control valve manufacturer re-made samples two times, but
the machining accuracy of the hydraulic pressure control valve still did not
meet the standard. Phoebe realized that she needed to change the manufacturer
of the hydraulic pressure control valve. After trying with another hydraulic
pressure control valve manufacturer, the problem was not completely resolved
for a month, and the boss was very angry that Phoebe was in a hurry and became

In early March, Phoebe approached me through an introduction from peers in
Ningbo. The first sentence of her email was: Can you ensure that each hydraulic
pressure control valve is 100% leak free? For similar messages, AAK always
gives reply as soon as possible, as the other party must have encountered
difficulties in purchasing hydraulic pressure control valves. After
communication, it was learned that the accuracy of the hydraulic pressure
control valves produced by both previous manufacturers did not meet the
standards. The root cause of the problem has been identified. Ensuring the
hydraulic pressure control valve is 100% leak free is not difficult for AAK.
AAK can make samples, and if the samples do not meet the standards, all fees
can be refunded. After 35 days, AAK sent 10 samples of hydraulic pressure
control valves.

Today, Phoebe sent a PO for 300 hydraulic pressure control valves. Excitedly,
the equipment has been running stably, and their engineer is satisfied with the
machining accuracy of AAK hydraulic pressure control valve. The boss also
praised her.

AAK processed it in this way. AAK uses the TSUGAMI CNC precision automatic
lathe imported from Japan, which can control the machining accuracy of each
valve cage within 2 μm. At the same time, during the production process, the
application of detection devices can capture test data at any time, and the
machining accuracy of each inner cone surface is visible, ensuring that the
error control range of the inner cone angle is ± 0.8 °, and the axial
grinding tolerance of the sealing circle is 0.075 μm. This is a specialized
three coordinate measuring instrument detection device designed by AAK based on
the structural characteristics of the valve cage. This is not only a trick, but
also a 100% leak free skill. Most of the hydraulic cartridge valve
manufacturers in Ningbo can only imagine, but may not be able to do it.

AAK hydraulic pressure control valve, with precision tips, no leakage, you can
also give it a try!

AAK HYDRAULIC VALVES (570) 2023-04-25 , -detail/pressure-control-valve-aak570
AAK Hydraulic Pressure Control Valve 100% Leakage Free Skill
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