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AAK Hydraulic Pressure Control Valves High Pressure Over 1 Year Life

AAK hydraulic pressure control valves with pressure resistance above 450bar and
high frequency use for more than 1 year without wear. After a year of trial,
Romero reordered 800 hydraulic pressure control valves last week.

Romero is from a hydraulic equipment company in Spain, and he is an old hand in
purchasing hydraulic cartridge valves in China. At the beginning of last year,
their company tested a hydraulic crushing hammer, which needed a hydraulic
pressure control valve. After first round of factory comparison, Romero
selected one factory to test the hydraulic pressure control valves. One month
later, the hydraulic crushing hammer sample was successful. However, after 3
months of trial use, their customer found that the impact frequency decreased
by more than 30%, which should be due to the insufficient power supply caused
by the leakage of the hydraulic pressure control valves. After disassembly, it
was found that there were obvious impact wear marks at the valve sleeve.

According to the feedback of the original hydraulic pressure control valve
manufacturer, the working pressure of the hydraulic crushing hammer is more
than 450bar. If the frequency of use is too high, wear is inevitable, but the
customer is not satisfied with the service life of the crushing hammer, and the
purchase can be made only after the warranty of more than 1 year. The boss was
unwilling to lose the order for the equipment that they spent several months to
develop. Romero was asked to look for hydraulic pressure control valves with a
warranty of more than 1 year and high pressure resistance, but nothing was
gained after 2 weeks. Romero felt a big pressure.

From the inquiry email he sent me, I can feel his helplessness. The
requirements of this hydraulic pressure control valve are different from those
of standard parts, especially in precision and durability, but AAK is confident
to make it successful. After 40 days, AAK sent 30 samples of hydraulic pressure
control valves. During this period, Romero just informed us that he had
received the samples, and there was no further news within 1 year. Until last
week, he suddenly placed the reorder, and in the email, he thanked AAK for
providing a hydraulic pressure control valve with 1 year warranty, so that they
won the order back, and there was no after-sales service needed within 1 year.

For the hydraulic pressure control valves that can withstand 450bar high
pressure and has no worries for more than 1 year, in Ningbo hydraulic cartridge
valve industry, AAK has no competitors. We use 3 advantages to be different
from peers:
1. In terms of materials, the valve body is made of SCM415 chromium molybdenum
steel alloy steel from Japan, and its process and mechanical properties are
more than 70% stronger than those of similar materials. After carburization and
heat treatment, the hardness is more than HRC64, and the wear resistance and
strength are also increased by more than 3 times, ensuring no wear for more
than 1 year. However, the processing of this material is difficult to control,
which is also the reason why peers do not choose this material.
2. In terms of equipment, GILDEMEISTER turning milling complex machining center
imported from Germany is used to achieve efficient and accurate processing. At
present, most hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers do not have such
3. In terms of detection, after the hydraulic pressure control valves are
assembled, they are tested with the high-pressure test bench and durability
test equipment independently developed by AAK, the pressure, flow and fatigue
resistance of the valves can not escape from the eyes of Monkey King, ensuring
100% qualification.

AAK hydraulic pressure control valves, careful material selection, fine
machining, fine inspection, you can also have a small try! , etail/hydraulic-pressure-control-valves-
AAK Hydraulic Pressure Control Valves High Pressure Over 1 Year Life
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