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AAK Hydraulic valves, committed to stability and long-term run

Someone asked me, you are not a mechanical professional. How can you guide AAK
engineers to solve some difficult and complicated problems of hydraulic valves?
Now the hydraulic valve industry has entered the stage of vertical
specialization. Unprofessional may be a problem.

Although specialization is the standard way to professional knowledge, it may
not be a good thing from the perspective of creativity. Because sometimes
professional knowledge is a double-edged sword. If you are too professional in
hydraulic valves and have too much professional knowledge of hydraulic valves,
you may not notice those distant associations. I have always insisted that the
solution to the problem is to cast a big net first.

Sitting next to the computer at 4:30 in the morning, I have 3 hours of
association and quiet time. This is the darkness that does not belong to
anyone. People usually wake up at 7:30, I have enough calm and patience to
associate with the hydraulic valves and daydream at will.

To do something creative, many people say that we should jump out of the box
and think, but I think we should do the opposite and learn to think in the box.
I often advise my engineers not to create the function of hydraulic valves by
imagination, but to innovate on a certain basis of hydraulic valves. Ten years
ago, we bought some representative hydraulic valve standard parts and some
novel non-standard hydraulic valves from the top 10 hydraulic valve
manufacturers in the world from the United States and Europe, comprehensively
dissected these big brand hydraulic valves, refined the selling points of
technical parameters, and then innovated on these basis. Only then did we have
3 domestic patents and processes and 4 proprietary technologies of AAK
hydraulic valves, and AAK hydraulic valves were exported to more than 20
countries, 6 international first-line brand customers have placed orders for 5
consecutive years, and re-buy rate of AAK hydraulic valves from old customers
is no less than 62% every year.

What you think is right and what you can accept is basically wrong. What you
think is wrong and what you can't accept are basically right. I read about 30
pages of books that are not related to the hydraulic valves every day. In the
process of reading, I set aside a little time for daydreaming. For example, an
idea in the book aroused my curiosity. I need to pause to connect my brain with
this curiosity. Sometimes my brain will unconsciously link to the hydraulic

Every coin has two sides, depending on the angle we look at. For a half a glass
of water, what some people see is: Alas, there's only half a glass of water
left; What some people see is: Wow, still have half a glass of water.
Pessimists are often right. I admire the pessimists' comments on the real
world. Really, they are right, but most of them are losers. Simple minded
optimists may not succeed, but they often live a good life.

When I encountered the problem of hydraulic valves and couldn't find the answer
after thinking hard, I found that sitting at my desk was almost a waste of
time. Write out the hydraulic valve problem and knock it in the computer
document, preferably on paper. Many people don't write it out, but trap the
problem in their brain, which may not awaken their subconscious mind. Then, I
will stay away from this hydraulic valve problem. Sometimes, when taking a bath
or walking, the rudiment of the answer may come to mind. It's so wonderful.
Turn off the music, stay away from the mobile phone, stay away from
distractions, and let the brain unconsciously look for associations between
different ideas. There may be surprises.

Insist on getting up early, reading and exercising, because if you can't
persevere, you won't get anything. Those who have not been engaged in the
production of hydraulic valves for more than 10 years can hardly have a
comprehensive understanding of hydraulic valves. Both enterprises and
individuals should stick to their commitments to others, especially to

I have no confidence in anything readily available, improvised and fast, but I
believe in the power of stability, peace and long-term flow. Still water runs
long. Any hydraulic valve manufacturer should be practical. I never believe
that hydraulic valve manufacturers who lack self-discipline and self-growth
will have a beautiful future. For example, in life, talented people are easy to
bring traffic, but can't bring trust. The builder of self-discipline may not
surprise people in a short time, but will gain long-term respect. This may be
the cornerstone of trust.

AAK hydraulic valves, no trickery, only daily self-discipline construction. , nfo-detail/hydraulic-valves-aak234
AAK Hydraulic valves, committed to stability and long-term run
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