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AAK hydraulic valves understanding about with heart, peers can't think of

At the weekly meeting of hydraulic valve sales, I always ask our business team
to study the production process of hydraulic valves with heart, observe the
production of hydraulic valve at the workshop with heart, and think about
customer emails with heart. Last month, someone asked me what is with heart? I
was speechless for a moment.

Recently, I saw an explanation in a book. The difference between using your
heart and not is whether you are accepting the world as it is or observing how
such a world will affect you? I think the explanation about the difference is
in place and hit the nail on the head. Reading the email from hydraulic valve
customer, word by word, and even forcibly reciting the whole email, which is
still not called reading it carefully with heart.

Reading with heart means thinking about these questions repeatedly in the
process of reading:

1.What question is the customer asking or requesting about the hydraulic
2.Do we have any problems with these hydraulic valves? If not, how to convince
customers that we don't have these problems.
3.Is the answer we are going to provide persuasive? How can customers trust AAK
hydraulic valves with the least amount of time?
4.These hydraulic valve problems raised by customers broaden my vision? If it
is widened, what is the problem with my original frame about hydraulic valves?
5.Have I understood the customer's needs and emotions? If not, what's my

When you read the emails with these questions, you will find that we are not
reading the emails, but observing our changes through external stimulation, and
even receiving the customer's emotion. This is called reading the emails
carefully with heart.

AAK team works hard on the hydraulic valves with heart, and understands the
needs of each customer with heart. This is our eternal direction! , -detail/hydraulic-valves-aak197
AAK hydraulic valves understanding about with heart, peers can't think of
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