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AAK uses 3 points to promote hydraulic valve content and transmit 3 values

Tim, from the United States, is a hydraulic valve customer that AAK has
cooperated with for 5 years. They mainly sell logistics transmission equipment.
On Monday, his sales manager sent me an email. It was the first time I received
an email from their sales department. Subject of the email: how to do the
promotion content?

He said that he was surprised to see that AAK has posted the content of
hydraulic valves every day. They have more than 100 hydraulic valve suppliers,
and none of them can update the promotion content every day. This requires not
only time, patience, but also professionalism. I told him that AAK hydraulic
valves do it from 3 points:

First, try to update every day
This is a kind of determination and professionalism. Some people say that I can
write my article today and shoot the video tomorrow if I want, OK? If it's
personal preference, of course. But if it's a job, or even a career, it's best
not to do so randomly. Look at those big online bloggers. None of them dare to
stop. Because once it stops, the users may leave. Posting content and ensuring
the frequency of updates also provide a kind of certainty. Using daily updates
to exchange the cognition and habits of hydraulic valve users and convey a kind
of value.

Second, ensure high quality
Because in the era of Internet, there is too much information and too
miscellaneous content to see, and users will forget your content 7 days later.
But this should not be an excuse to make bad content. On the contrary, only
high-quality content can gain the trust of hydraulic valve users. Users will be
impressed. It turns out that this hydraulic valve manufacturer is like this, so
I'll continue to have a look. In this way, he is willing to give you time
extravagantly. Therefore, in order to improve the content of hydraulic valves,
we must constantly improve ourselves. The content, to some extent, is to attack
mosquitoes with cannon. Only in this way can high-quality hydraulic valve
content be guaranteed.

Third, the spirit of long-termism
This point is easy to understand. Be a friend of time. Sometimes it is not time
that abandons us, but we abandon time. Anyone who has done content knows that
this is a craft that needs to be practiced slowly. It also needs mental
strength, which needs to be grinded slowly. No matter how the platform changes,
it doesn't matter. Because all changes ultimately encourage those who are
willing to do content for a long time. If there is a long-term spirit, all
changes will be good.

AAK hydraulic valves content, in giving customers value, I also keep thinking.
I don't know if what I think is right, but I vaguely feel that maybe it is. On
the surface, we provide these 3 values:

First, professional knowledge. Every article is delivered to readers with
knowledge value. This knowledge should be professional, insightful and able to
solve problems.

Second, credit. Because of the influence of AAK hydraulic valves on the
Internet, we have corresponding credit. When we say that the hydraulic valve is
good, the management mode and the equipment are good, we are endorsing with

Third, transmission. Expect to let more people see the pain points and chaos of
the hydraulic valve industry, so that people who need hydraulic valves do not
take detours.

I often say to my colleagues that if we only think about this, maybe we can't
do better. Don't others have these 3 values? Other hydraulic valve
manufacturers may also provide them and better than ours. So, what is it that
others can't learn and can't copy? Maybe it's our ability to see things
clearly, speak clearly and speak in vernacular. In fact, most people are doing
complex work, and we all hope that professionals can "speak human words", but
in reality, it is difficult to summarize a sentence in a simple sentence.
Experts' conventional expression: 871 mg of cholesterol per 100 grams of dried
squid. Then I'll translate it into colloquialism: one bite of squid is equal to
20 bites of fat meat. I think, for people who lose weight, after listening to
the experts' words, maybe they can't help eating squid, but seeing my
vernacular, maybe they put it down silently.

Finally, less than 1% of hydraulic valve manufacturers can achieve daily

AAK hydraulic valves, with 100% persistence to do 1% of things, the right way,
never afraid of far away. , il/hydraulic-valves-aak304
AAK uses 3 points to promote hydraulic valve content and transmit 3 values
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