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Contact: Jessica Hu
32D Guomao Building , No.388 , Hubin south Road , Siming district , Xiamen , Fujian, China
XIAMEN 361009
Phone: +86-18030235311
E-Mail: Send Inquiry
Date/Time:  9/22/21 8:36 GMT

ABB DSQC639 IRC53HAC041443-003

Please contact for details
Sales manager : Jessica
Email : 
Mobile/WhatsApp : 86-18030235311
Wechat : hu18030235311
Skype : jessica01235483
QQ : 2851195444

Quick details
Brand : ABB
Country of origin : SWEDEN
Main product : PLC/DCS/TSI/ESD Module
Standard lead time ex-works : In stock
Worldwide shipping : DHL, UPS, Fedex, and TNT

We have everything you need
1.Allen-Bradley 1756/1769/1771/1785 Series
2.ABB 800xA/Bailey INFI90/DSQC Series
3.Bently Nevada 3500/3300 Monitoring System
4.Schneider Series Quantum 140 series
5.General Electric IC693/IC697/IC698/IS200/DS200 Series
7.Westinghouse: OVATION/WDPF/MAX1000 system spare parts
8.Invensys Triconex: Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) architecture.
9.Honeywell TDC2000/TDC3000/Experion HS Series
10.YOKOGAWA CS3000 System

Email :
Mobile/WhatsApp : 86-18030235311
Wechat : hu18030235311 Skype : jessica01235483

Trust us - Amikon
Our parts are more diverse
Our service is more abundant.
Our service is more professional.
We provide more professional knowledge.

After-sales service
We offer 12 month warranty after receiving parcels. If there are some
workmanship or material defects with the products, please contact us
firstly, we will exchange it or offer other solutions for you to make a
choice.If you order more than one item, please contact us, we can offer
further discounts for you. And if you find other suppliers offer cheaper
prices for the same product, we are also willing to provide you with
reference to their price,even further discounts.

[ Email :  Skype : jessica01235483 ]

Related module
ABB Modules
ABB 57160001-A DSDI 110 Digital input board
ABB 57160001-K DSDO 110 Digital output board
ABB YB161102-AH DSDX 110 Digital in/output board
ABB 57160001-TP DSDX B001 digital in-output board
ABB 57360001-U DSMB 124 Semiconductor memory board
ABB 57360001-AN DSMB 125 Semiconductor memory board
ABB 57360001-HG DSMB 127 Memory board
ABB 57330001-N DSMC 110 Floppy disk controller
ABB YB161102-AK DSPA 110 Axis computer
ABB 57310256-AF DSPC 150 Central processor
ABB 57310256-BA DSPC 153 Expand. single board computer
ABB 57310001-GP DSPC 157 Expand. single board computer
ABB YB161102-AD DSQC 103 Resolver power board
ABB YB161102-AF DSQC 105 Display board
ABB YB161102-BA DSQC 110 Programming board
ABB YB161102-BS DSQC 115 Resolver power board + 2 analogue
ABB YB161102-BE DSQC 116 Power supply
ABB YB161102-BG DSQC 117 Resolver power board
ABB YB161102-BU DSQC 124 Terminal unit
ABB YB161102-BV DSQC 129 R/D board
ABB YB161102-CH DSQC 136 Safety board
ABB YB161102-CM DSQC 138 Terminal unit
ABB YB560103-AC DSQC 202 Robot computer
ABB YB560103-AS DSQC 208A External axis board
ABB YB560103-AL DSQC 209 Analogue I/O board
ABB YB560103-AM DSQC 210 Safety board
ABB YB560103-AN DSQC 211 Power supply
ABB YB560103-BF DSQC 215 Robot computer
ABB YB560103-AZ DSQC 220 Programming board
ABB YB560103-BD DSQC 223 PC Board digital I/O
ABB YB560103-BE DSQC 224 PC Board combi I/O
ABB YB560103-BK DSQC 227 Winchester interface
ABB YB560103-BD DSQC 228 Safety board
ABB YB560103-BN DSQC 230 Robot computer
ABB YB560103-BS DSQC 233 External axis board
ABB YB560103-BY DSQC 235A Rectifier
ABB YB560103-BZ DSQC 235B Rectifier
ABB YB560103-CA DSQC 236A Drive unit
ABB DSQC 236B Drive
ABB YB560103-CC DSQC 236C Drive unit
ABB 3HAB2207-1 DSQC 236D Drive unit
ABB YB560103-CD DSQC 236G Drive unit
ABB 3HAB2245-1 DSQC 236H Drive unit
ABB 3HAA3563-AJA DSQC 236P Drive unit
ABB YB560103-CE DSQC 236T Drive unit

Bently Nevada Modules
3300/16-12-01-00-00 3300/46-XX-XX-01-00 3300/16-02-01-00-00-00-00
3300/20-01-01-02-01-0 , 0 3300/47-XX-XX-02-00 3300/16-02-01-00-01-00-00
3300/20-XX-03-01-00-0 , 0 3300/48-01-01-00-00 3300/16-02-01-01-00-00-00
3300/35-02-02-01-00-0 , 0 3300/48-03-02-00-00 3300/16-02-01-02-01-00-00
3300/40-03-01-02-00-0 , 0 3300/48-03-02-02-00 3300/16-02-05-02-00-00-02
3300/40-13-01-01-00-0 , 0 3300/48-04-02-01-00 3300/16-03-01-01-00-00-00

[ Email :  Skype : jessica01235483 ]

Minimum Order: 1 pieces

ABB DSQC639 IRC53HAC041443-003
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